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“Sovereign Citizen Law Reform” Is Apparently On The Way, Australia Has Fallen…

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  1. What you are seeing is the rise of a permanent political class that serves globalist and United Nations and not the people, and step by step they are removing you're ability to remove them violently from office in self defense when they pass laws giving their attack dogs the right to take the life of you, your family and associates, on the tiniest bit of suspicion, you better wake up, it's going down right now.

  2. No such thing as….
    Sovereign Citizen!

    Your either Sovereign or Citizen.
    ie. Citizen is a dweller of a citadel whom is hive in mindset belief.
    Sovereign is knowingly responsible for and of whom they are as inception in whole created and abides by no rule of institutions nor religion and holds all duty of steed in honour serving all expressing all for all and needs no other to inform self of outside of mindsight in integrity!

    The notion of sovereign citizens is just a stupid hypocrisy nonsense of not even legality word jargon.

    I say to the fools who deem themselves able to pull this charade over the eyes of those of us that clearly know distinctions, go ahead fall on your silly swords!

    Sovereign we are💪👍✔️

  3. Smartest thing I've seen Albo do – avoiding that carefully constructed question from the Deep State Satanic Cabal faceless 'reporter'. He wouldn't want to incriminate himself. He didn't want to be seen being pushed out in the open – that belongs in meetings with People like Biden and say, Gates.

  4. So what is the Government going to do? Will people who say that they consider themselves sovereign citizens , who don’t harm anyone, who don’t threaten anyone , who just want to go about their lives in peace be surveilled , followed , harassed and charged and jailed just for saying that they are sovereign citizens? What if a group of people decide that they want to tune out of society and get together and live on a large property away from the big cities in rural areas and they all live in harmony with one another and grow their own food and work on the land for the to providing everything that they need for betterment of every one living on the property like the Amish community in
    the US? What if they don’t pay taxes to the government because they don’t work for a wage but only for what they can produce and utilise to be able live. Will the Federal and State Governments send in the police to raid their properties and arrest everyone? The Federal Government needs to consider very carefully that they don’t infringe on free citizens rights, freedoms and liberties.

  5. "Right wing extremism". The fairy tale of the left, marxist, globalist set, which they roll out in order to justify their own horribly extremist tyranny. Freedom of speech, conscience and association and the desire for a limited government, is not extremist. It is the normal, same staus quo position which the country which these extremist usurpers have stolen control of, was founded on, with a historical tradition stretching back to Ancient Greece. Tyranny, which this current political class represents, is not European in nature. It's foreign and can make no claim to belong here.

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