Strange things about the Balenciaga photoshoot

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Written by The Outer Light

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  1. Telling the hard truth is never overreacting.
    These sailors are the elite of the elite setting incredible worldwide speed records continuously. I am pretty sure they are oblivious of the implications of the imaging (it is not art). But I will be sending this information through the sailing community as a former pro, I am disgusted by this.
    Thanks, Ed, you are making a difference.

  2. Look like ritual layouts. 15:00 the boy is standing on a ouija board, like a demon summoned, his red shoes still burning with fire. They want to make children satanists. Some of the kids in the video look ashamed, like they've been sexually abused. Good catch about the Baal.
    The reason they do these things that have Biblical referents is because the Bible is the word of God. That's where the power is, when mixed with faith. That's the writing of truth.
    I know you say you're a Christian, brother Ed, but your Catholic upbringing has unfortunately kept you away from the Bible. ALL THE TREASURES OF WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE ARE HIDDEN IN CHRIST JESUS (Col 2:3). You must search the scriptures for them like a man searching for hidden treasure. The Bible is spiritually completely current. You search the world for these treasures but you don't find the understanding you seek because you're looking in the wrong place! You need more light to completely expose the evil deeds of darkness, and the true LIGHT is the Gospel of Christ!

  3. The type of person who is attached to working with these companies 'fashion houses" are very fluid / feminine, gay males. Very few females actually work in these industries, especially the design departments. Most of the clothes designed with these fashion house are ridiculous and impractical for real women.

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