Student BANNED From Classroom For Patriotic Patch! W/ Maj Toure

The Internet erupted with its usual outrage this week when a 12-year-old Colorado boy named Jaiden was kicked out of his classroom for having a Gadsden “Don’t Tread On Me” flag patch affixed to his backpack. School authorities mistakenly believed the flag to have associations with slavery or violence, but were eventually informed about the actual Revolutionary era origins of the flag and its meaning.

Guest host Craig “Pasta” Jardula, along with Jimmy Dore and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger, talk to guest Maj Toure about the controversy and their hopes that the teacher involved was not in the school’s history department.

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  1. Yes I agree it is beyond mental, how would you explain the fact that half of the adults in this country have lost their mind, unless God has turn their minds over to Satan 👹 I really am starting to believe the Christian Theory because there is no other explanation to all this madness in our country 👹

  2. Funny how whenever any kind of authoritarian rules or policies are put in place it’s always just well I’m just following the rules. Fuck people’s freedoms and rights cause people are just following the rules. Insane and so unbecoming in a free country or more now what use to be a free country

  3. When you make a devastating counterpoint and an authority says “all I’m saying is [reiterates dumb original point],” it makes my skin crawl. Also, how they act like they’re passive participants in the stupid thing they’re doing, like they couldn’t just stop at any time.

    Hate these people. Hate, hate, hate.

  4. Pasta – how do white people have legal advantages over black people issues stated? You mentioned incarceration. Don't you think that the majority of people incarcerated are in there because they committed crimes? What we need to do is to convince the black community to commit less crimes. I know this makes people uncomfortable to even talk about this but the reason black people deal with the cops more than white people is because they commit more crimes than white people. Let's at least be intellectually honest.

  5. Pasta claiming in this video that white people have white privilege really turns me off. I wish he'd get rid of this guy and bring Jimmy Dore back. I don't like the liberalism this guy pushes. White people are not privileged. Black people are covered by more laws to protect them than any other group of people in this country

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