Surprising “Alpha Male” image search on Getty (from Livestream #158)

Bizarre image search results

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #158 (originally streamed live on Jan 21, 2023):


What is this a clip from?
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  1. I asked Siri to show me images of an Alfa male.
    It showed me six or eight images the first one was of a lion with a caption how to be an alpha male the second one was what looked like a wolf pup in a caption alpha male it looked like it was maybe a book for sale the third one was a very Beautiful type of monkey I guess or baboon anyway the results are much different than what you got from Ghetty

  2. I have had to go to google images and duck duck go images, I got pictures of strong men and animals the would fit the description and there were tables of attributes. The algorithms seem to be different from those you received on google. I am however geographically in the UK and there is not t eh political pressures on google to come up with the same as you have . The pressures on jabbing might well be a psychological persuader the those that desire to be alpha NEED THE JAB to get it. I prefer the sigma direction.😊 All the covid shit did come up on Getty images, all the males I saw there were compliant wimps that would blow away as they submitted to the vaccine instructions from the Lords of misrule

  3. As far as I understand it, the majority of photos on such repositories are tagged (keywords added) by the person who submitted it. This is in some ways less concerning and more concerning at the same time. Less concerning because it may mean that Getty, etc. is not “gatekeeping” in the way suggested, more concerning as it might reflect the bias of a larger number of photo submitters.

  4. It's not hard to imagine an Alpha male with these characteristics in abundance:

    1. Physically fit and healthy
    2. Has lots of money
    3. Is intelligent/educated/critical thinker
    4. Has a good sense of humor
    5. Taller and with good head of hair
    6. Morally principled and unwavering in the face of fear

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