Surrendered Russians Massacred. Was This A War Crime Committed By Ukraine? | Dan Kovalik

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Written by Kim Iversen

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  1. I’m not sure I agree with Kim on this one. It looked like a trap. If I was in a war, I would perceive it as a trap and wouldn’t trust those surrendering. War is ugly. In Vietnam, kids were strapped with bombs, and you either shoot the kid or die. Terrible choices have to be made. If I got shot at after approaching a surrender, I wouldn’t trust any of the others surrendering.

  2. It wasn't "cross-fire" it was a quick decision to eliminate the soldiers on the ground so they didn't have an opportunity to "turn the tables", after the one Russian guy came out "Blasting". Self-Preservation is paramount in Humans. Tough call but, I'd probably do the same to ensure my own and my teams survival.

    Real easy to suggest cross-fire and not think about it as if you were on the ground, in combat, in this scenario. #ArmchairPussies4LIFE. It wasn't cross-fire, it was a tactical ,split second decision you bastards.

  3. The occidental media is biased, the evil always will be Russia. Recently Ukraine launched missiles to Poland killing a couple of polish and salensky blame Rusia and was asking nato to attack Russia. At the end it was stablished it was Ukrainian missiles , however USA that was Russia’s fault anyways. Unbelievable !

  4. Sorry Kim I cant watch this its. Too awful but I respect you for covering it.
    and i no longer believe MH17 was shot down by Eastern Ukrainians …after the attempt to start ww3 by Kiev killing Poles with a missile and their shelling of the nuclear power plant with wesrn controlled himarrs Im done with the cia gang ruunning Ukriane into the ground and ‘f..,,.g’ Europe’s fuel pipelines. Biden is certifiable and is easily run by those who will scapegoat him if things get even worse



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