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Sydney’s 200th Protest for Assange

Sydney’s legendary Town Hall group marked their 200th week of raising awareness for Julian Assange in Belmarsh, for what has now been four years. Joe Lauria and Cathy Vogan from Consortium News were invited to say a few words in addition to the regular line-up of speakers and entertainers, which included Dr Stephen Perret (aka Gong Steve), Tony Wakeham and musician Billy Field.

Written by Consortium News

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  1. Congratulations to all the heroes campaigning at the Sydney Town Hall for Julian Assange!!!
    Regrettably I have never met Julian but I grew up knowing his brother Gabriel and father John; what a privilege! Two of the best people I’ve ever met. Absolute gentleman. It’s on my bucket list to meet Julian as a free man.

    I’m proud that I’ve been donating, attending rallies, talking to people, and writing letters for Julian’s release since the beginning. Julian imo, is the greatest Australian of the modern era, is as significant and will be remembered with the greats of peace- including MLK, Ghandi and Nelson Mandela. Come on, get behind Julian for peace truth and love. I call on my niece and nephew, Edie and close friend of Gabriel, Tristan, to speak up for Julian; let’s bring him home together.
    Free Julian Assange!!!

  2. ❤ prayers for Julian Assange and family. American government I'm ashamed of you ALL. Let Julian Assange go home. STOP being bullies if you're so embarrassed get the actual people who leaked your dirty laundry to Julian. How emberassing they are walking free and can say even more of your dirty secrets YET you want to destroy innocent people because you are emberassed . Thanks to All who are fighting for Julian Assange . Your words are reaching those who care and are standing with you.

  3. Brave truth-teller Assange punished for exposing war crimes. Lying war criminal Blair rewarded. VIP paedophiles protected by the Establishment. Welcome to so-called 'justice' UK style! When telling the truth gets you jailed, you are obviously being ruled by ruthless, expert liars.

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