Syrian insurgents guilty of ‘red line’ 2013 sarin chemical attack, study finds

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A new open-source study concludes that Syrian insurgents carried out the Ghouta sarin chemical attack in August 2013 — not the Syrian government, as the White House, U.S. intelligence, and other Western sources publicly alleged.

Rockets carrying sarin killed hundreds of people and left thousands wounded. Based on their trajectories, the study traces all seven missile impact locations back to the most likely launch spot where they all intersected: a small area within insurgent-controlled territory.

In their first joint interview, the study’s authors lay out their explosive findings.

– Michael Kobs and Adam Larson, co-authors of a new study on the 2013 chemical attack in Ghouta.
– Saar Wilf: Founder of Root Claim, which published the Ghouta study.

Read the Ghouta report:

Read a summary of the findings:

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Saar Wilf:

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  1. The whole world must sanction USA . Invasion in iraq, afganistan , Libya, syria, embargo venezuella, iran, bolivia ,etc (sanction cause people suffer, dying) ., topple other government. cause killing 500.000 syrian . how many people in iraq killed just because USA manage to LIE to UN that IRAQ has chemical Weapon. . How many people have been killed because of USA policy. How USA embargo IRAN, venezuella and others country . cause the citizen hard to get food & medicine. This is morally wrong . many people have been killed by the embargo and invasion

  2. We know, usually within months, of whatever war crime the US commits to justify whatever war america wants to join. America uses its massive propaganda machine to drown out any dissenting voices in their obsessive rush to show off their latest shock and awe tactics. There were voices of reason prior to Iraq, most notably Charlie Wilson, who presented proof that the 'yellow cake' allegedly exported from niger was not in fact uranium. His evidence was so threatening to the US narrative, that Dick Cheney had an aide expose the identity of his wife in an effort to shut him up. The lies that justified going into Libya were even more flimsy, and the net result of forever wars in the middle east and Africa, are failed states and failed policy.

  3. I remember this from when it happened. I remember all about how alternative news was saying the angles and the type of weapons, how far they could travel and where the enemy was and where Assad troops have control. I thought Russia had done this analysis, not because anyone said that, but because I just assumed as they were helping Syria. So I'm wondering when these guys analysis was done and if they were the ones way back when that did the original analysis or if this is a new analysis. At any rate they are supporting what was said back then, that Assad did NOT gas his own people. So the time he is saying is recent then this supports what Russia/Assad claimed back at the time.

  4. No name says what….
    Did you know embassies have basements tunnels
    Truly some ground level shit
    The true giveaway was the remains of the rockets ECT they found did not have the range to land where they did
    US military reported seeing them lauched from an Assad held military position but the math on the maximum range did not add up
    Look up what happened in Ghouta
    So many keys in those independent reporting and research
    Thanks for revisiting this sad horiffic but must be talked attack

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