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Systemic Corruption in Victoria

Ken Phillips from Self Employed Australia explains the legalised, systemic corruption in the Victorian construction sector.

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  1. Take a closer look at the United Firefighters union and Peter Marshall's role on the pre-selection Committee. Then ask how is it that the MFB were never allowed to seriously challenge the union in the Fair Work Commission. How is it that the union was able to stall bargaining without being hit with good faith bargaining orders? How is it that an agreement was reached and signed in the absence of bargaining occurring? Why did Jane Garret step aside? What blackmail did Marshall have on Andrews that was worth sacking so many CEO's, execs, and board members? Everything delivered to the UFU on a platter in the form of Fire Rescue Victoria. Ask the questions!

  2. its what i have said for the last couple of years. Basically australians in general, but victorians show this more often than not, that unless something comes up and slaps them in the face, they dont care. all they are interested in is making sure there uber eats arrive and there netflix show is on. the rest can go to hell as long as they can do that.

  3. I'm going to add some words, in no particular order, and no particular meaning.

    Mrs K Rudd, independently wealthy, labor hire/ job seeker company.
    Sep 2021
    who was who walking the streets? When the earth shook, and the west gate blocked and the super spy bear was in the air 2kms up.

    Who was guarding the cfmeu, and who was fighting against the cfmeu.
    You know, in far right nazi week?

    Who was the contract opposition to i cook foods for the aged care contracts? Was that not a govt business?

    may 2020
    we had a quarantine leak. but there is i nice pdf floating around that details all of the virus escapes from hotels across the country. This is no one off. There were at least 15 separate incidents.
    now i know this is the basis of your court case, stickn the boots to the man on behalf of melb business, but you getting it wrong.

    That late may outbreak, one of the close contacts of the "south east family" was not even notified, and escaped on a plane to queensland and was caught at the other end.

    the point is June 6th 2020 was your problem.

    And doherty institute was complicit in this with their viral geneome tracking.

    four facts,
    in july our fed buddy nick coatsworthy in a study told us via elective surgery serum that infections were up to 7 times detected.

    up to 40% of infections are asymptomatic

    wuhan daddy strain had such a long pre- symptomatic infectious time period

    press conference in 2021 dan asked " how many detections of total infections do you think you are picking up"…… 80%

    So 20% are not even known….

    So back to june 6th 2020.

    The hotal quarantine was the side show.

    The real coal seam smoulder was Black man day, progressive dan enabled black man day.

    Progressive dan black man day, allowed by shane pattern, and dan, was the problem here that set of our little italy aged care tragedy.

    (now the climate at the time was whipped up by soros and the anti trump cabal of social media and FB and his millions buying into election swinging, and set off the rot we saw spread all across the world, canada, uk, USA "summer of love" the trump derangement syndrome. i know for one Virginia trioli on abc radio just could not get over being "Grabbed on the pussy" by trump derangement syndrome)

    I mean think how quick adern got her shooters social video feed shut down…..

    For the whole world to then have a front row seat to fentanyl floyd.

    The greatest lie ever told.

    And for that totally unrelated crap to seep its way into our state.

    The black man in aus does not even have a clue, they are more akin to the American native Indian than to the American black man.

    If anything the convicts of auz have more in kin with the USA black man.

    getting off topic.

    A greens staffer, spray painting captain cook.

    A dan progressive.

    a dan progressive can of black sympathy petrol was thrown all over one of at least 15 quarantine leaks.

    so what was the problem here?

    the leak or the protest day.

    "we all masked and social distanced"
    the fugk you did; not. and the toilets and the ride share, and the train and tram jouneys, and the coffee shops, etc etc, all those amenities, like a funnel gap in a korean haloween crush.

    And Dans favorite little progressive party band of vagabonds gave him little Italy. a mmarch 2020 italian aged care tragedy, little italy, they had 14% CFR in those early days.

    Our CFR from june to november was 4% over all…. in the 90+ year olds it was 40% in the 80-89yo it was 31.6% in the 70-79 yo it was 16.7%.

    You Did this Dan. You with your progressive loving allowing a Floyd protest killed the very vulnerable in this state that you are charged with protecting most.


    And he could not have that.

    So the Coates? inquirey was his progressive protecting little side show.

    Why was Slugger allowed to relax restrictions, allow a black man sympahty fest when there was a known leak going on??? 40% asymptomatic, only 3 or 4 positive cases admit to being at the protest, like others would admit it after that.

    The organiser of this protest had their charges dropped, thier incitement charges dropped.

    and yet dans progressives are still being rewarded with "treaty" talks movin on full steam

    and bankers and investment bankers are still running aboriginal corporations pushing for a voice


    Because the fees and charges and the management of wealth out of the "cultural and spiritual loss" court case on mining project moneys are going to be a fortune.

    a kind of k rudd super profits tax by stealth appropriation of black man

    masquerading as his friend

    in the braoder world push from the ESG movement.

    Does anyone else find it amazing that from two census 2016 to 2021 there are now a new 480,000 black fells in this country? in a population of 1.1 million?

    Thats a better rate than the jhews repopulated after their 6 million episode.

  4. Thanks for this.
    The picture is becoming clearer!
    There is definitely corruption in Victoria!
    But why are the liberals so quiet? I mean you would think, they would shout this from the roof!
    Wouldn't you? If they want to come back in power, why are they so quiet? Why are'nt they exposing dandrews gov or have an investigation going? Something missing here! …Could they be in it too? Where are the rightous people?
    There must be some! I wonder, if they know about those corruptions? I bet not! So share this video.

  5. So that's the HOW, to me, then, I already figured they were robbing somehow, prices don't just rise heaps over time for no reason whatsoever. There's more corruption everywhere too, though.

    And to hell with the level crossings, they're doing a shit job on purpose, it's also just for housing, if you stand near a skytrain in Thailand it's not as noisy as a firework like it is here down under. Should be done as express underground with new, more modern trains with a small loading gauge, and it'd make the trains run a lot better and actually free up space, too.

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Grover Constructions Collapses


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