“T-cell exhaustion after multiple vaccinations should be considered” (from Livestream #157)

Hybrid herd immunity
Antibody propaganda

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #157 (originally streamed live on Jan 14, 2023):


Chevaisrakul et al 2023. Hybrid and herd immunity 6 months after SARS-CoV-2 exposure among individuals from a community treatment program. Scientific Reports 13 Article number: 763

What is this a clip from?
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  1. If this medical intervention was intended for humanity's best interests then why were they patented, why were they for profit, why were there commercial contracts and secrecy; commercial interest is the reason for redacted information and information that was not publicly available from the outset.

  2. Introducing a new technology like this to the masses is much easier when excluding outside advisory panels of experts who might warn against possible outcomes like this! Is this the new avenue for future mRNA vax rollouts ? A new mRNA RSV vax has been developed and if you Google info about it, you’ll first read about how much profit it will generate before reading about the benefits for recipients. R&D is happening now for a mRNA flu vax too! So what’s next? The CDC included the mRNA Covid vax as a recommended shot for school children! We’re not seeing a slowdown with this technology, we’re seeing the exact opposite which really scares me! I really, really hope that mRNA technology for the purpose of fighting RNA viruses is never approved by the FDA!!! And thanks again for reviewing and explaining!

  3. I wonder if Albert Bourla’s fattest ever cash cow, sold as the elixir of eternal life, hasn’t actually turned out to be something that will make the billions of sheep who got it face themselves with a situation akin to that of the Mayans getting in contact with smallpox…

  4. 90% of people never had severe disease when delta was around and very little immunity existed, initial severity has been at the forefront because it can cause severe medical outcomes in overwhelmingly elderly and comorbidities it can be observed over a short period of time that such and such happens. over a longer period of time we see long covid, we see injuries occurring in multiple organs as a result of infection, development of medical conditions, dysregulation of cell types, reinfections have and continue to occur, those who continue to have long term symptoms are ever increasing and are already 10x of who has been hospitalized with severe forms of covid, the initial disease is very much not severe to the vast majority, its the aftermath injuries that can occur that are of severe consequence of pathogenicity, its long term lasting effects on the body have the ability to cause increases in all causes of death. blood cells are infected, replicate viral RNA, experience apoptosis and release the contents into the blood stream where circulation lands it on various organs leading to overactive immune response attacking the Viral RNA and healthy cells and tissues throughout the bloodstream which travels through every organ, thus creating different ranges of injury to various tissues/vessels/organs at various given times thus why long covid is hard to diagnose because there are over 200 known symptoms that are attributable to long covid, and have potential links with 100 other conditions.

  5. Can someone explain to me the u.s. veterans study of covid impact and the claims that deaths are occurring post covid. Are there holes in the study?. I'm having a debate on the causes of excess deaths and I've pointed to the German pathology study of myocarditis deaths within one month of MRNA injection and the finding of mrna spiked proteins in the hearts of the victims

CBC begs people to like them

CBC begs people to like them.

Low Distressed Sale Counts Do Not Prove The Property Market

Low Distressed Sale Counts Do Not Prove The Property Market Is Fine!