Talk Africa: What does BRICS mean for Africa?

The world’s attention is on South Africa as it gears up to host the 15th BRICS summit – a pivotal gathering of five influential nations that could reshape the global order. Under the theme “BRICS and Africa: Partnership for Mutually Accelerated Growth, Sustainable Development, and Inclusive Multilateralism,” the spotlight is on the place and role of Africa within BRICS. So, we ask, what exactly does this summit mean for Africa? Join CGTN as it expolores the key issues on the agenda, the likely outcomes and how these could open a new chapter of collective growth and empowerment for Africa.

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Written by CGTN Africa

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  1. The things Africans and the rest of the world fail to realize. The world operates in US currencies because US provides Navy security to those countries cargo vessels who want to join the global economy and ship there products world wide Without doing so a countries economy can not expand and growth is limited. By dismissing the US dollar you are saying you no longer need there security which will create a huge void and need for countries wishing to export and import goods abroad with our US Navy providing security there are no guarantees from pirates that your cargo will not be stolen.

  2. A BRICS currency backed with gold for countries with very little gold reserves. A BRICS currency controlled and manipulated by Russia who just collapsed its currency. The only ones that will benefit will be Russia and China, they will swallow up their African and other members and benefit at their expense. Oh well…

  3. The western society achieved so much in many forms when you guys were all ignorants!!!
    But the western society failed to see the poison of evolution that kindled anger the most high God Almighty, that resulted in faithlessness, Godlessness, racism, and all injustices! And also the toxic feminism that destroyed the natural structure of family resulting in gayness and all related problems against the western society! Now you guys taking advantage of the failing part of the world!
    But Yahweh will restore humanity with no partiality sometime soon!!!
    Because all humanity needs to be restored!!!
    The Blessed 🙌

  4. Brics success will prevent the west from imposing their will on them thru sanctions and threats of war. The west has stolen their natural resources for ever and now thru unelected bodies like wef WHO and U.N. they will destroy any resemblance that those countries had . So uniting for strength and security and divesting from the u.s. dollar is the only hope for a sovereign countries future .

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