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Talking About Bank Branch Closures On The Radio…

Bank Branch closures were discussed on ABC Illawarra this morning – and I was able to discuss the policy and practical issues surrounding this important issue in my interview.

It also led the local headlines this morning.

Link to Senate Inquiry:

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  1. Not everybody is digital savvy and nor do they trust online transactions, most people who are older prefer face to face business because they simply are frightened of the scamming and don't want to lose their money…. Bring back government owned banks and I will switch to them instantly!

  2. Personal in my 40 years banking history I have only had to use the big for about 5 years. Today there is so many options in main cities. What happens if you are travelling and something happens were you need to walk in to a bank. This issue is not only for the country folk but anyone who travels outside of a major city.

  3. As an employee of a credit union in regional South Australia for over 15 years, thank You Martin. You are absolutely correct on branch requirements, especially on more complex enquiries. We deal with deceased estates, insurance claims/policies, business banking/lending, financial planning services, advice on personal/home lending, VISA disputes, relationship separations, Fraudulent transactions, scam activity, the list goes on ! I've helped scam victims recover $10,000 +, the process can take several weeks, complex probate discussions on estates, messy relationship breakdowns etc. You just can't access this sort of service and advice online. Additionally where I live we have a much older demographic, a huge % of our member base is aged over 60 and are still using cash & accessing it in branch. I enjoy my job, I loving helping people in this space, and I'm grateful to you Martin for keeping up the good fight.

  4. Australian post IS NOT A SOLUTION! IT CAN NOT BE! My sister runs a post office they expect her to pay for insurance of cash, a safe and all costs associated with travel which in her case is hundreds of km to get more cash if she runs out. This doesn’t even include the time it takes, which is taken away from her and can’t be used concentrate on running her business and on making a profit

  5. The community can stop these banks profit by taking their savings out of the banks and keep it to themselves. Nobody on the radio would dare challenge the fractional reserve banking system and how under rated their control of people's lives are. Sure it might be a pain to get cash if your house is trapped in a bush fire, but in that scenario, cash in a bum bag might be a solution.

  6. Once again highlighting how Australian Post is not a solution, South Australian currently has for sale the offices on commercial real estate. Orroroo, Crystal Brook, Mt Pleasant (Barossa Valley), Jamestown, Georgetown, Hawker, Laura, Cleve, Frances, Eyre Peninsula, Edinburgh, St Agnes and Golden Grove

  7. Hi Martin, with your thumbnails you should have the text on the left and photo on the right side because when I search your videos the time stamp in the results covers the bottom right section of the thumbnail and I can’t read the last line of the text.

  8. The government is complicit with all this otherwise it wouldn't have happened. The big middle finger to the populace and happy days to big corp and banksters. Utilities….gas, electricity and water should never have been for profit and privatized…the bare necessities. Australia has been sold out many moons ago. We are all just consumers nowadays, not humans.

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