Tanks for the memories – live with Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate

Join The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate live for a discussion about the impending delivery of US and German tanks to Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky’s plans to sell off Ukrainian assets to Blackrock, a bizarre NYT story linking white supremacist mail bombings in Spain to Russian intelligence, and Rep. Adam Schiff’s online meltdown after being kicked off the House Intelligence Committee.

Written by The Grayzone

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  1. Guys, i love your work. None of the smearing is working on me! Keep up the good work. Courage & integrity. You are in the company of Naom Chomsky and Glenn Greenwald. Cannot thank you enough for all the sacrifices you make. The pressure you face is enormous!!
    I was reading John Meirshiemer’s book The tragedy of Great Power Politics and it helps understand the economic warfare used by governments going back in history as part of an extended military campaign. Helps understand the sanctions strategy!! And yes, the West is most definitely at war with Russia. This book made it clear to me.

  2. I have written many letters to the editor to my local paper speaking against the war, asking and demanding negotiations and the end of the war; the paper doesn't have the courage to print them. I post you, Chris Hedges, Dore and many others on Facebook. I get almost no response from friends or public. Are they afraid to speak out, post or share my posts? Where is the peace movement?

  3. Thank GOD " NATO is united".

    Now that the Godfather of NATO in Washington has led by example, Olaf of Germany no longer has to worry about being mistakened with Adolf (the other Chancellor more than sixty years ago), whose 'Panzers' and 'Leopards' took on the Russians. Oh! such "fond memories".

    As NATO Secretary Stoltenberg stressed —–> "MORE WEAPONS are the only way to peace"

    As Polish president Duda stressed —–> Now that Germany is no longer too scared to once again spread the bounty of 'German-Engineering'. . .

    The "Coalition-of-the-Willing" is growing each day, as more and more countries like Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands do as 'Simon-Says', and follow the example set by US and Poland, leading the way to spread the lovely-bounty of the Leopard to the Ukraine frontlines manned by the Heroes of the Azov-Battalion, who are not afraid to follow the legacy of Bandera (who was not afraid to cooperate with invading Nazis to fight Stalin and kill Russians as well as Jews) (or that he could be mistakened for Adolf himself)

    As German Foreign-minister Annalena Baerbock stressed: "NATO must stay united. We cannot afford to fight each other, We are at WAR with RUSSIA." She is a 'Green', and in her honor, the Leopards come decorated with Green camouflage-netting.

    I havn't seen such an outpouring of UNITY and SUPPORT by "progressives" such as the 'Greens' or the "Left", since George W Bush led the "Coalition-of-The-Willing" to eject Saddam-Hussein from Iraq. Back then, the 'Neo-Cons' spread the narrative of "WMD" to gain popular-support and to create a "Coalition-of-The-Willing".

    The "Neo-CONS" of today are the Neo-Liberals. Putin is their "Saddam-Hussein". His "UNPROVOKED-AGGRESSION" is today's equivalent to the Neo-Cons' manufactured-consensus and false-narrative of "WMD" which the stenographers from the US corporate-media eagerly spread, as they "embedded" themselves for the ride.

    The frenzy for war then was as strong as the CULT-OF-NATO for 'Proxy-War' now. So long as the 'Mujahedeens' were willing to take on the Soviets with our Stingers supplied by Reagan; Or Bush's 'depleted-uranium' bombs lit up the Iraqi landscape with 10,000 sorties.

    As Secretary-of-WAR Lord Austin of the Pentagon stressed ——-> "Our mission is to weaken and degrade Russia"

    The former executive from Raytheon couldn't have said it any better, words which were once sermons for Neo-Cons and their Red-Scare-Crusade. . .

    Replaced today, by Neo-Liberal CULT-for-NATO, leading the EU to drink the Kool-Aid of proxy-war . . .

    Just as Neo-Liberal politicians in the US coastal-elites had sought the endorsement of Rev. Jim Jones . . .

    In the same way Shinzo Abe's 'Liberal-Democratic-Party' sought the endorsement of Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

    As today's NATO-Cultists are leading Ukraine to commit certain suicide by proxy "to the last-Ukrainian", the price of such massacre, as always, is paid by civilians. . .

    of Ukraine, as did the civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. . .

    In the same way Rev. Jim Jones had his deputies force at gun-point, his congregation at JONESTOWN, including innocent children to DRINK the Kool-Aid, and took their last breath, huddled together in neat rows.

  4. Our prime minister, Mark Rutte also mentioned earlier, that we, the Dutch are at war with Russia. So the Netherlands, 17 million people are at war. 🤣🤣🤣
    The prime minister did this comment all do he did not first spoke in parlement, all do he should have done so if it was so.
    We are at war, not because Russia decleared war with us, not because Ukraine is a member off NATO or EU, so this war is because the West decleared war against Russia.

  5. In reference to the remarks on the '08 financial crisis, his analysis was missing half of the equation, which is the actions of the Federal Reserve. The federal government has created a cartilized banking system which is structure in which these types of monatary and financial shenanigans are possible.

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