Teenage Girl SCOLDED By YMCA For Crying Over Seeing Male Genitalia While Showering With Trans Woman!

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A California teen cried as she recalled seeing “a naked man” in her local YMCA, telling the city council in her San Diego suburb she’d been traumatized by the experience with the person she described as a trans woman.

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  1. Tucking it and putting on a dress doesn't make you a woman. Besides, you can't change your DNA.

    This is totally unacceptable. It sucks that trans "women" have more rights than a REAL female. What's weird, you don't hear about a trans "man" showering in the men's locker room.

  2. If this young girl wanted to see dangly bits whilst showering she would use the men's shower room , she doesn't want to see them so therefore, uses her own FEMALE facilities where men should be ashamed of themselves for putting young girls and women through this.
    The YMCA should be ashamed of themselves for making the young girl the perpetrator when in fact it's the despicable grown man who's in the wrong here.
    What a brave, courageous young woman this is, I'm sure she would do well in politics and stand up for whats right.

  3. Revolting. The adults condescending, sneering and censuring the young females for not being comfortable in the presence of narcissistic individuals, deliberately imposing their presence on them at their most vulnerable moments – would NEVER accept this treatment themselves.
    Hypocrites, sycophants to the gender ideology, desperately stoking the ego of the naked emperor.

  4. Like all real girls. They should be sick and tired of fake women in their private spaces. Boys pretending to be girls are and have attacked girls in locker rooms and bathrooms. It totally ridiculous places think it normal for a man to be with real girls in sports and private spaces.

  5. That's what you get for allowing girls into a Young MENS Christian Association. Remember when we had the YWCA, & Girl's Club, & Girl Scouts? Remember when BOTH genders had bastions they could flee to to temporarily escape the insanity of the opposite sex? Of course, these days, that wouldn't keep the fake boys & girls out, but I'm just saying . . .

  6. Women shouldn't be in the YMCA, that's why the YWCA exist. She wanted integration, well she got it. What about the issue of women coming into male spaces trying to use them to have sex with all the men. Men go to the gym to get strong and then you have these women coming in in yoga pants with their vagina prominantly displayed trying to suck up all the male energy. And these are low quality women who have no other values then trying to use sex. The main reason for most of societies issues are women having multiple sexual partners and having sex outside of marriage. So women want to break down all sexual barriers and molest men but then when it come back at them they're the victim?

  7. U stop this shit by waiting outside for these freaks and if they go in a female shower room or bathroom. The dad's and brothers and husbands need to stop it immediately. If it was my daughter or wife I would be going to jail. Because if my family is raped and assaulted I will also go after the place that allows this shit.

  8. This is infuriating! How the F does such a small percentage of mentally ill people have so many more rights than anyone else?!? I feel so upset hearing her story and what she went through…but yet once again the feelings and rights of the mentally ill wrongdoer is protected!!! This is insanity!! Just because I "feel" like I'm a tree doesn't make me a damn tree! I'm sick of this.




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