TERRIFYING! UN Announces Mandatory Digital ID Linked to Banks Accounts

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TERRIFYING! UN Announces Mandatory Digital ID Linked to Banks Accounts

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Written by Michael Cowan

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  1. Sorry…this blog is going downhill rapidly…from taking seriously Hunter Biden issues as a world shaking event…now this ? The UN has no global legal authority.
    Ten years ago, the republicans were saying that Obama was ordering the UN into the US to take " our guns away"
    The sheer stupidity of all this.
    Do I doubt that this will happen ( global id ) ? Not at all…but SO WHAT ?
    NUCLEAR war around the corner, global warming killing many of us, oceans rising etc..
    Get serious, look at the real news.
    Russians raping men in front of families, and we are worried about this ?
    Still a subscriber, good reportage, but it is getting weird mate.

  2. I have just changed my sexual identity as a 'Free House' A.T.M. and therefore am solely devoted to my cash which I married last week. I thus cannot be linked in anyway to digital currency, this certainly infringes my rights. Put a grey stripe on that flippin' flag for me.

  3. Nobody can suddenly become prosperous financially. Although they did the background work, we mostly see the ultimate product. Fear is a harmful element that prevents us from making the courageous decisions we need to make in order to achieve our goals. You have to deal with things like inflation, the recession, Fed policies, and more. In just a few months, I was able to add $289k to my portfolio. You must look for assistance in the appropriate locations.

  4. In 2022 Australian Suncorp Bank briefly had a question on their website asking customers whether they would be interested in Microchip implants for ID and payment purposes, before quickly taking it down. The 2012 movie 'In Time' has a similar body implant concept. The 1995 movie 'Virtuosity' includes mandatory tracking microchips for released convicts that also contained lethal neurotoxins.
    Christ only became really violent once, at the Temple driving out money changers 'bankers' with a makeshift whip. He also told his disciples to go out and buy swords because he knew pray wasn't always enough and he was sending them amongst wolves. Most legacy churches pass over this fact and make him out as some hippy pacifist. He wasn't too keen about 'teachers of the law' and warned the Soldiers/Police not to extort or Intimidate.

  5. Suppression of freedom means collapse of creativity, consecutively collapse of economy, therefore there is no way in such conditions they will be able to sustain the advancement of AI and huge resources required to keep track of every human person to extent they desire. WEF and UN has become infested with high IQ'ed idiots, mindlessly chasing their shirt term desires. All that will end up is in soviet style feudalism, eventually mass murder economic collapse, poverty and starvation.

  6. They are trying to roll out this technology now so they can monetise the ability to expand consciousness. There is an awakening happening, people are learning to expand their minds en masse, they don’t want you to use or develop our own abilities, because you wouldn’t need to spend $5k for a set of their goggles. Anything they are selling, we can learn to do ourselves naturally.

  7. Won the constitution to the right to keep and bear arms three 16 million veterans in America for 70 million gun owners five if just 7 million gun owners stand up they’ll have a hell of a time I’d be willing to say 20 million Americans will stand up, will have to see how it goes But I think their agenda is dead in the water or not just gonna quit they are villains their art villains. They’ve been trying all sorts of things in our constitution has saved us every time. The one thing we do not want to do is have a convention of states where they can get in and monkey around with the constitution. There are no links at which they would stop to gain control of all the people doing that constitutional amending, we need to stay the hell away from the constitution leave it alone no convention of states none nada.

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