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The Bank Puppet Masters Pull The Government Strings Again…

Laws to implement some of the remaining recommendations from the Hayne Royal Commission, including penalties for bankers supported by the Greens was pulled yesterday, thanks to direct pressure applied by the banking industry and their lobbyists.

As a result, legislation to sharpen up protection of consumer credit were also shelved, and a number of customers with specific complaints in the works are now in limbo.

A weak Government, whose strings are being pulled by the Bankers?

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  1. Wow, labour looks like a puppet here. Who runs the country, the gov or the rich elite. And knowing they are behaving badly, stopping penalties for doing so. Wow. How bad can this look. The optics are terrible for the gov. And they wonder why the independents are exploding in popularity. They don't have to look far…

  2. Labour accuses libs of doing things for their mates. I see projection = Doing what they accuse others of.
    One party system with 2 names to give people the idea they have a choice. Put them both last as they have both committed treason against the voters. They are supposed to represent the voters. Not big business. How many millions of job keeper did Jerry Harvey (Harvey Norman) collect and not pay back even though he did not qualify ? While people lost their homes.

  3. Whilst I was working I was expected to face the consequences of any of my actions.
    With the banks it seems they could loan monies to a crony and get away with it, if things turned south.
    They got away with it the last time and previous times.
    Why should we the taxpayer prop up something that may be a recurring theme?
    To my mind the repeating incompetent banker should wear it.

  4. The role of the banks and the major corporations, and what our government can do to pull them into order, should feature in every episode. Right now, it would seem that the multinationals have it the other way round and believe it is their government which purpose is to make the people compliant. Which is why they would like to replace the current system of governance with a System of World Governmance and devolve the power of traditional national governments to city states and economic zones – whatever gives them even more power: UN habitat smart cities, digital ID…I think people are slowly starting to get the picture.

  5. Imagine helicopter money for all those that have suffered from ponzis, cyber scams and old school fraud, Talk about full money laundering scam.

    Print money give to gullible, Steal it through Ponzi crypto’s and cyber crime, give to Ukraine and politically connected, print more money to bail out those ‘defrauded’. Let the inflation pay off the debt. Rinse and repeat over and over

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