The beginning of the end of Ukraine as a country

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On the other side of the line is Mike Krupa. Recorded late November.

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  1. The position of the Poles is easy to understand, they do not want Russia on their border which is totally understandable based on their history.
    1. They take their orders from Washington and Brussels
    2. They are happy to send their outdated soviet era military hardware to Ukraine and have NATO resupply them with modern state of the art equipment
    3. I'm sure with billions flowing mostly through Poland, some Poles are able to war profiteer a bit, I'd wager Poland is at least as corrupt as the US is and likely far more so some in the government are personally enriching themselves based on this war
    4. They legitimately fear a Russian attack more than any other NATO member, as such they will not anger the more wealthy NATO countries as they view NATO as a critical element of their National defense(Again history lesson, Poland was partitioned because their nobility was democratic and didn't vote to spend on the military because they had agreements with Germany and Russia they viewed their borders as secure being surrounded by "Friendly" neighbors. By 1800 Poland no longer existed and doesn't come back until 1918. Germany and Russian joined forces again in WWII to invade Poland shortly after it reappeared. A German-Russian alliance terrifies Poland.
    5. Poland will pull back on the rhetoric as soon as they are told to by DC/Brussels
    6. Poland joining NATO made sense, it is a big country not bordering Russia and it was never part of the USSR, the mistake was trying to add the former Soviet republics to NATO, the window for western interference in the Soviet sphere ended when Boris the Drunk left office, Putin was never going to stand for it.
    7. Poland has a refugee issue, they need Ukraine to be viable because they want all the Ukrainians to go back. The strain on Poland from the refugees is hard to measure but it is absolutely devastating.

    I suspect the Russians will install a puppet government in Ukraine after taking what they want. No matter what the Russians outnumber the Ukrainians and so long as they have the resolve they will prevail, western support is the only thing keeping the Ukrainians afloat and it gets less popular day after day. I'm frankly surprised the Ukrainians aren't tiring of this, arguably the Ukrainian government is worse than Russia's so to give up so much and watch your country destroyed so Zelensky can be in charge is nuts, I suspect the local population will start calling for a truce.

  2. What about history, culture and roots of Serbian people back in 1999?!! The very heartland of Serbia is in Kosovo, since the 11th century.
    Still you call this bombing a regular and justified measure..
    The rest of Doug's words are absolutely true and correct. It is refreshing to hear some reasoning from the US.
    What Doug is missing in his views is the fact that GB has been directing bordering in Europe since the beginning of the 18th century, especially focused on separating the Germans from Russians and Russians from Serbians. Russia was always the target, the US took over this ship from the Brits. Small crises take small wars, great crises take great wars..

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