The best way to watch online video; my yearlong project is finally done!

Talk about Grayjay:
Talk abut Harbor:
Grayjay source code:
Don’t trust me when I say it’s not tracking you or advertising to you – VERIFY FOR YOURSELF!!!

00:00 – Introduction
00:08 – The monopoly/duopoly problem
00:47 – The centralized identity problem – sovereign identity is a MUST
01:10 – 3dprintgeneral deletion
01:13 – This matters when platforms destroy people’s life’s work over nothing – destiny
02:04 – Why is this video sponsored? Am I a shill?
02:38 – How did we solve this problem 20 years ago?
03:09 – Introducing Grayjay, our video application
03:20 – We support every major video platform
03:26 – We encourage YOU to make your own plugins for other platforms we are missing!
04:09 – It does the thing 🙂
04:27 – It has a download button!
04:35 – You can use video platform playlists, or anonymous local playlists
04:54 – You can search EVERY platform from one application
05:21 – We want to emphasize creators over platforms
05:32 – Introducing Harbor, our sovereign identity application
06:16 – You should be subscribing to CREATORS, not platforms
06:37 – Aspirational functionality for the future
06:55 – Comments sections
07:53 – This is open source, but it is NOT free!
08:22 – How to buy the application
08:32 – No DRM, infinite free trial period
08:41 – We want to show we respect our users – NO DRM, NO ADS!
08:54 – What happens if you don’t buy it? What’s our DRM/anti-piracy measure?
09:03 – There are no DRM or anti-piracy measure
09:06 – Our business model – you are the customer, not the product
09:51 – If you think our software sucks, tell us why –
10:12 – Why the non-standard license?
10:23 – The problem with the standard license
11:19 – Let me be clear on our intentions with this license
12:27 – The software’s full functionality works without paying, but we ask you to pay if you find it valuable
12:50 – We want to see viewers supporting creators directly – because ad supported media sucks
13:40 – More future plans & vision
14:50 – Link to a more detailed technical presentation

Written by Louis Rossmann

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  1. LOUIS!!! You're REALLY walking a very fine line here when it comes to YT ToS/EULA and such. Please download all your videos just in case, because I feel like this time YT might actually kill your channel, since what you're doing hurts their business. Just my 25c. Stay safe.

  2. I am so down to using this app as my main and paying gor it, hell i wouldnt mind paying monthly just to support the idea, im already paying for youtube premium. Im going to pay either way to support yhe future of this app but i vant see it lasting that long because of how youtube hates these type of things and will likely dmca it sadly :/.
    Do you think there is a way to secure its future from a legal perspective? Im really curious on what is the legality of this app and how youtube would react to it

  3. This is a BIG content creator paradigm change. This can allow content creators to flourish on a platform and allow them to migrate easily to another. For example, if anyone is famous in tiktok and that stupid app finally gets banned worldwide, then it's creators can move to other ones like twitch or any new niche ones. Awesome!

  4. The license doesn't seem very confident in being FOSS. As it can change at any time, without notice, without reason. And take all the previously given away.
    This is in the license on gitlab:

    ## Section 4: Termination, suspension and variation

    1. We may suspend, terminate or vary the terms of this license and any access to the code at any time,
    without notice,
    for any reason or no reason,
    in respect of any licensee, group of licensees or all licensees including as may be applicable any sub-licensees.

  5. Great video. Like others have noted, please double-check that the videos you really want to keep available are backed up elsewhere (I know you have channels on other platforms). We care about what you've done over the years and though they'll "algorithm" out of our homepages, we still go searching for your videos (or I do) when I don't see a new one for a while. My latest is just copying and pasting video URLs into a private window, so I like and comment normally but watch the video in the private window. I'm not circumventing adblocking, one of the things that has kept me sane (imo) over the last few years just for YT. idgaf it's two/three extra clicks. Now if only my mouse wasn't messing up…I'll get a new one eventually.

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