The biggest threat to our financial freedom – CBDC

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This is how they’ll possibly take our financial freedom, via a CBDC. CBDC stands for Central Bank Digital Currency, and is a new form of digital money that is on the horizon for just about every nation on Earth.

CBDCs have already been launched fully in 11 countries, but are being tested in more than 100, including in nations that account for more than 95% of our planet’s total GDP. In other words, if a CBDC hasn’t hit your country yet, it very likely will soon. The criticism around CBDCs is that they will be used as the ultimate tool of surveillance and control, allowing governments to monitor citizens’ every move. However, the United States and the Netherlands are already implementing laws to do just that, potentially requiring new reporting standards on almost all transactions.

The truth is, there may not be a lot we can do to stop a CBDC from arriving in our nations. But we can refuse to use one when they arrive, if they are as terrible for financial freedom as many believe.

In any case, I would love to hear your thoughts. And thank you for being here for 100 videos on this channel.

0:00 – A world of financial control
1:19 – New Dutch and American surveillance laws
2:35 – CBDCs are coming soon
5:29 – NordVPN insert
6:53 – Concerns surrounding CBDCs
9:51 – Controlling people with money
11:18 – What can we do?

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Presented by Sorelle Amore.
Written by Leon Hill.

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  1. We won't have a choice, as they want all your possessions to completely enslave you and want you not working but getting universal income. When the time is right the internet is going dark and a full collapse of the fiat-based money system. When you are no longer working and the banks are calling in the HomeLoans People will then willingly accept CBCD as it will be our Saviour, a way for you to "keep" your house and possessions by handing them over to the government and accept universal income. There will be a catch micro-chip, vaccines, and whatever else they want you to do.

  2. Of course CBDC's are fairly much only about control,people who know and use crypto currencies say that CBDC's are very scary because of what can happen once they become the only form of money. Like you said Sorelle use your democratic right to stop this abomination of freedoms becoming law.

  3. this is the implemetation of what is described in Revelation 13:16-17. and we can't stop it. we can only slow it down by a bit or to run away form it's path for a bit, but this is unstoppable for us. Believe it or not, but this is the time before the end of the world. Only God will intervene to stop the complete vash of the human kind. Further instructions on how to save yourself, you find in Revelation 14. And hurry up.

  4. VPN is not as safe one might think. . They are a company and they have so much information about what you visit. etc. . I mean it has good features but it can capture a lot of data where you have been what you did. I know sponsorship is money but i am not sure if it's really that secure. I am only talking about my views on it you decide what you believe in. 🙂

  5. Whether CBDC is good or bad depends on who is in charge of the CB. It's about control but it's not like we are free or uncontrolled as it is. Unless you happen to be super rich you have never been truly free and you never will be. The best you can ever hope to achieve is an illusion of freedom. CDBC:s may offer more freedom and equality but interfer with the illusion of freedom so people will say no to it. The majority is actually pretty stupid so it probably doesn't matter that much whether we have CDBC or not since the end result will be the same.

  6. Life is like Star Wars. . The war between freedom or captivity, good or bad, dark or light the battle will take forever. . There will always be bad people and there will always be good people. . Whatever side you are on you can be sure the opposition will rise one day. .

  7. I live in the netherlands and I can tell you that Sigrid Kaag political party always had around 8-9 seats in the house. Small party but because of covid we had mail voting … rings a bell ??? something Biden??? … now her party is second in The netherlands… no one want's this… I can see the rise of cash money… more and more people starting to pay with cash again, thats why they want CBDC no more cash.. I pay everything in cash now. After paying my monthly bills I empty my bank account . every month

  8. Mostly Peaceful Protestors? Come on Sorelle I thought you were smarter than that. A 320 million dollar class action lawsuit initiated by the affect public and businesses is what triggered the government to protect the citizens from the protestors. I remember why I stopped watching your videos, absolutely inflammatory language to sensationalize your stories.

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