The BRICS Revolt: How Ukraine War Eroded U.S. Authority | SYSTEM UPDATE

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Written by Glenn Greenwald

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  1. Im curious as to why you don't consider China's government to be democratic.

    The governmental system is a " Unicameral /Non partisan/ Democracy" It is a combination of ' Direct and Representative.

    'Democracy is a form of government in which the people have the power to deliberate and decide legislation.

    Its structure is almost identical to The State of Nebraska. So i guess if you consider China to be "Communist" government" then i suppose "Nebraska is a Communist state"

    Communism is a philosophical and social ideology. China's political and governmental structure is a version of democracy.

    Its frustrating when people equate the word Communist as a structure of government opposite of a democracy.

  2. IMF and World Bank structural readjustment austerity and predatory loans designed to facilitate corporate looting of other country's public sectors was part and parcel of US policy during the Cold War and in the end of history 1990s, but it wasn't restricted just to foreign policy. It was the same thinking about a mythologized market as a panacea and privatization at work in domestic policy as well, which is how student and medical debts became a thing. The same alienation that that victims of structural readjustment feel towards neoliberals in the US is shared by many Americans themselves and our rulers are going to learn this the hard way in the event of a 20th century style war that requires full mobilization. The American empire is basically run by predatory pay day loan lenders so it shouldn't be any surprise that on a long enough time line, it just becomes an empire which nobody is even a beneficiary of anymore. One wonders who they think is going to fight their imperial wars for them if nobody has a stake in the success of their failed system.

  3. The U.S. did a lot of damage to Europe, especially with the wars in Libya and Syria, and now Ukraine.
    As Victoria Nuland said: "Fuck Europe!"
    Then there is all the spying.
    So there is good reason for resentment against the U.S. in Europe, in fact there isn't enough of it.
    But more important than resentment would be awareness, that that's how the U.S. operates, and to acknowledge that in dealing with the U.S.

  4. I think other countries were willing to go along with U.S. dominance so long as the perpetual warfare to feed the U.S. defense industry was spread across the sands of the Middle East. But expanding that militarism back into Europe, which had not seen a hot war between major powers for 70 years, was too much.

  5. 'War is a Racket" by General Smeadley Butler is a worthy read to understand all of this. He lays it out in plain talk. BRICS is still authoritarian run by China, Russia and now bloody Saudi Arabia wants in as well. They will be as parasitic just like the IMF.

    LMAO . . . calling India a "democracy" is another dodge by Glenn who seems to have swooned towards right wing fascism.

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