The Chilling Details of Justin Trudeau’s Online Speech Bill | Direct Message | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about Justin Trudeau’s support of Bill C-11, better known as the Online Streaming Act, which will severely limit online free speech in Canada in the name of “protecting” Canadian content creators; Elon Musk’s response to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres demanding that tech companies crack down on misinformation and disinformation; MSNBC’s Joy Reid using the Grammys performances of Kim Petras, Sam Smith, and Lizzo to show what diversity equity and inclusion really look like and why the left has won the culture war; 1619 Project creator ​​Nikole Hannah-Jones spreading lies about why Ron DeSantis banned the curriculum of an AP African American history class; “The View’s” Sunny Hostin displaying her ignorance about American exceptionalism and the Pledge of Allegiance; Joe Biden’s latest lie about inflation; White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s reaction to more voters not wanting a Biden reelection campaign in 2024 and what to expect during the State of the Union address; CNN’s John King sharing the two candidates voters don’t want to see running in the 2024 presidential election; and much more.

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0:00 Intro
3:27 Justin Trudeau’s New Censorship Bill
21:51 What Culture Do We Want?
31:12 Is US Exceptionalism Rotting?
48:40 How to Return to Exceptionalism

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  1. HMMMM

    Northern Saskatchewan, Canada supplies 1/3 of the Uranium for the world, U of SK stats property rights.

    Northern AB, the dirty Oil capital. Still has how many billion barrels of energy.

    Northern Saskatchewan, Canada has large amounts of Rae Earth Elements, stuff used for EV vehicles and Lasers.

    Canadian Arctic, supplies Diamonds on a World market.

    Canada has a very big importer of these resources, Trudeau's favourite Basic Dictatorship.

  2. keep thinking of your false statements to Eckard Tole, where you agreed that taking the high road with people you disagree with is the highest psychological position to take. You've become so smug, mean, devaluing…its an arrogance that's startling at times and so not helpful!
    Especially when it comes to your clear internalized homophobia! Please dial it back…

  3. By the way, if you think this is just Canada, it's not. There's nothing legally preventing Twitter or any other social media group from using those same algorithms for US content either. They can choose not to, of course, but they can also choose to, and given recent history, I think we know which one of those choices they find most appealing.

  4. Booooo don’t turncoat. Trump is the deserving. He obviously got screwed as did we. He took all the shit and showed so many the truth. He has plenty left in t he tank and would be a great pregame show for desantis. Come on man. I love a lot of what you do but it makes much more sense to get us as informed as possible and understand we must pay attention at the booths and take action non stop when we must. 12years is greater than 8. Florida Ron is the bees knees indeed but a couple more years of leadership and knowledge would be a good thing.

  5. TRUDEAU is a tyrant & Singh is enabling Trudeau. We have a danger in Canada and WE LIVE NEXT DOOR TO USA. What if China moves into Canada?? Why isn't Biden saying something to Trudeau? How safe are we from a take-over? China is already in Canada…..police stations, businesses, infiltration into the fabric of FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY. WE HOPE TO GET RID OF HIM BUT SINGH SIGNED A COALITION. Trudeau only had 33% of the vote!! Singh and the NDP have sold out to Trudeau & the Liberal members & NDP members have also sold out to Trudeau . Which, as you say, is in the WEF. TRUDEAU IS A NARCISSISTIC TYRANT!! CANADA HATES TRUDEAU.

  6. He's already stated his appreciation and admiration of xi jinping because of his ability as emperor to control the economy and everything else by iron fist. He didn't even try to hide it, it was at a school in front of women if I recall. His draconian anti-Gun legislation and crack down on the freedom truckers is further proof he hates his people and doesn't trust them. Justin Trudeau should fear his people and act accordingly.

  7. As I watched Biden I realized something. Biden is acting just like Trudeau!! It looks like Biden is also a member of the WEF. BIDEN IS SCREWING UP YOUR COUNTRY LIKE TRUDEAU. The plan to take over, their great reset!! It could be part of this grand plan of theirs. Destroy countries with debt then swoop in and take over. God bless you, love your program.

  8. Boosting Popular information by the White House, Popular information, not Truth, oh no, that is misinformation, Popular information is what the White House boosts and who decides what is popular information you may ask, do they do a poll, oh hell now, The freaking White House decides what is popular information, freaking jackassses. freaking jackassses.

  9. their RACISM is NOT about COLOR of the SKIN ……… BUT ……… about EVERYTHING that GOOD for HUMAN being
    IT is SCARY ……… BECAUSE we KNOW if we FEEL and THINK in the BACKGROUND deep in their SOUL ……… they HATE GOD the CREATOR of ALL
    we DONT HATE them for they are DIFFERENT with us ……… we HATE them for they are BAD and EVIL

  10. "How did those watching not throw an apple…?" Your guess is as good as mine! I can't wait until he's not our PM anymore!!! His speech, "peddling misinformation.." He could win the Oscar's, I'll give him that but Canadians by now know who he really is!" Thanks for pointing out the elephant 🐘 in our room!

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