The CPI Rockets To 7.8% – But Is This The Peak?

Stronger than expected data from the ABS today increases the likelihood of a cash rate hike from the RBA next month. The moving parts were all over the shop, warped by the addition and removal of various Government support programmes and holiday travel and spend.

No discretionary remains very high, and more costs will flow from higher wages. This may not be over as soon as many expect.

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  1. Emerging Humpty Dumpty situation with industrial relations reform fantasies,Secure Jobs,Better Pay legislation incapable of remedying basics whilst inflation continues to outpace wage increases,on top of massive debt timebombs,everything bubble bursting etc.Real broad substantial progressive action needed fast.

  2. Appreciate the summary mate. people are buying like a pivot coming but they all forget how much pain that comes with contraction – less consumer and business spending, mass job losses, less company profits, lower asset values etc. Ppl shall find out I hope not the hard way. Position appropriately.

  3. You would have to be an absolute idiot to say inflation is under control. 7.8% while cash rate is only 3.1% you manage you household this way and you wouldn't have your property very long.
    How about stopping the handouts to businesses and other frivolous entities that only fuel it.

  4. Inflation at 7.80% is certainly moving in the wrong direction. Anybody who shops weekly will know that this figure is understated. I am anxiously awaiting the RBA decision regarding the next rate increase next month. Will the RBA finally get serious about combatting inflation with rate increases in line with US, NZ and Canada?

  5. lowe gets it wrong again…first he took too lowe for too long..then 2 years ago it was just transitory..nothing to see he claimed …then he proclaimed it was going to stay lowe till 2024…as he sent FTB's to the he says we need to wait and see..and in the end its not his fault..RBA no accountability !!!!

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