The dark truths WikiLeaks revealed w/Stefania Maurizi | The Chris Hedges Report

From backroom deals between Hillary Clinton and Goldman Sachs to US covert operations in Haiti, Tunisia, Italy and beyond, WikiLeaks revealed the dark underbelly of US power. Author and journalist Stefania Maurizi joins The Chris Hedges Report to share her insider perspective on one of the century’s biggest stories, as well as her encyclopedic knowledge of the horrific truths revealed in WikiLeaks’ hundreds of thousands of leaked files.

Stefania Maurizi is an investigative journalist with Il Fatto Quotidiano, and the author of Secret Power: WikiLeaks and Its Enemies.

Studio: Adam Coley, Cameron Granadino, David Hebden
Post-Production: David Hebden
Audio Post-Production: Tommy Harron

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  1. Just another explosive story of American malfeasance against allies in the process of committing massive human rights violations.

    Throw it on the pile- and then, dear reader, ask yourself this; where does this all go? What's the end point? Well, we're living in it; a Fascist, authoritarian surveillance State, the likes of which the feared secret police services of East Germany and the Soviet Union could only dream about.

    So much for "freedom" in America. The next question is, what do We the People do about it?

  2. They all play these games knowing that the "bigger game" is so systemic, well planned, and enforced so brazenly that there are no consequences whatsoever ! They are free to run ANY racket, insider trade, backroom deal, profiteer, warmonger, lie, cheat, pose, pretend & steal to their hearts content. They know what the score is, so why bother to rage against the machine. They are the machine in their own small way. The insiders, the players of the game most foul, the Left Hand path on steroids, 100% service to self, we the people gave it an inch during the Truman administration and they took a mile and then some. No natural affection for anyone or anything except themselves.

  3. It is very difficult to understand your guest because of her strong accent. It would be great had this show go into specifics on each of the "secret" US government wrong doings revealed by Julian Assange so that the world is educated on what actually happened !

  4. Important interview. Loved to see someone from Italy who could remind us some of the details about some global events that took place in the last decade and some before that.
    Another thing, the Haiti minimum wage thing! Every time I hear about it, I keep going like 'o yeah, that happened'! The receiption committee for the US Ambassador to global south (the ones in the enemy list) should ask for a written pledge about not interfering with local wage structure.

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