The Dollar will Spike First, then Collapse

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Right now. Are you concerned about the stability of our banking and our financial system, or are you concerned about runaway inflation? Now, most people would simply answer both, but these things are at odds with each other. The reason is that today we have a global financial system that is built on top of a giant foundation of hundreds of trillions of dollars in IOUs.

This is a chain of dollar IOUs where you have $1 that has been lent out over and repeatedly from one financial institution to the next. And if one link in this chain breaks, the entire system fails. And in this situation, that would mean the dollar could strengthen extremely quickly and significantly versus other assets, other currencies, and against goods and services.

0:00 Introduction
0:25 The Danger of a Broken Chain in the Financial System
1:13 Possible Scenarios if the Financial System Fails
2:05 The US Bank Situation
3:21 The Credit Drying Up and Commercial Real Estate Crisis
5:28 The Risk Beyond US Banks
6:35 The Role of the Federal Reserve in Creating New Dollars
10:00 The Federal Reserve’s Greatest Fear

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  1. If remove Democrats/ banksters could reinstate Glass-Steagal, that was separating savings and investment banking, but that also was before Regan's QEs start. Savings aren't possible in current deregulated system, with inflation of 2% each year your money depreciate 20% in 10 years. How to fix it?
    What is good banking/ stocks system- the old one with regulations, oversight at least?
    Japanese managed to have good savings- they didn't have tax hikes, smart dudes:)

  2. You know the thing that I think will get us? Lake Mead going to dead pool. That will have a huge financial impact on the US. Combine that with war in Ukraine, a potential war with China, no strategic oil reserves, trillions in debt and zero leadership in White House and we are in for a rough ride. But, take a look for yourself into lake mead. Criticize situation and bumbling management of water all you want, but whatever you do, don’t think “not my problem”. If they run out of water and cannot generate power, bad news bears for us all. We have a lot of nasty situations all coming to a head at once

  3. It just seems like the interest rate the FED is hiking is all in all just a means for more inflation. There's no point in hiking rates if they are just gonna suck money out of peoples pockets until something major breaks, then print more money and give it back to the rich, in this case the banks. This cycle only makes people more poor and end result is more inflation.

  4. I used to think every investor lose out amidst inflation, meanwhile some make millions. I also thought everybody went out of business during the Great Depression, but some went into business. Bottom line, there's always depression for some people, and Big win for others, it all starts from having the right mindset. I could invest up to $250k right now, if the chances were crystal-clear

  5. How can you say that replacing the depositors money in the SVB doesn't create more money. Of course it does thus adding to inflation. The initial dollars that existed on SVB balance sheet don't just disappear (or evaporate as you say…). If I give Joe $100 to hold for me and he loans $50 to Dick and $50 to Jane and then they are unable to pay Joe back, then Joe can't pay me back. If $100 is then printed up out of the blue and then given back to me to cover what I initially gave Joe, you've now doubled the original $100 deposit making the M2 in this scenario $200. Right? or am I missing something here…

  6. When interest rates go up, so will the dollar. People need more dollars to pay the interest. Once people stop using the dollar a interest rate hike won’t increase demand on the dollar. That’s when you know the dollar is dead

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