The Dutch Government Wants to Close 3,000 Farms

This is insane:

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  1. the ufckwit disposal rules of Dutch and Belgians are the reason people dump cycles in the canals, most recycling regs are based on mythical levels of EUstupidity and dishonesty. And there are Youtube channels showing what can come out of the canals by magnetic fishing, fun for a couple of hours on a rainy day

  2. There's a reason there's so much high yield agriculture in the Netherlands. Because it's a rich delta soil and because it's location offers good logistics. But instead the Dutch government chose to import millions of migrants, most of whom contribute little but do take up more and more space.

  3. You are a bit wrong a dutchman, i can explain a bit.

    When the government offers you a sum of money it is a one time deal. If you decide to not take it they will not take your land by force, but they will simlly offer you a sum of money that is 10% less then the initial offer and then it drops down further.

    For farmers that dont sell extra and higher taxes will come down and more administration cost will come from it. They will be burdened to such a degree that they will sell.

    As for the housing.

    We have been told for decades that there are to few babies being born. That we have a greying population and that our pensions are in danger.

    How can we then have a housing problem? Its the mass influx of illigal people in the country. Our assylum centers are overflowing and houses are being given to them instead of natives.

    All land that the farmers sell will be given to housing. Almost all villages and cities are surrounded by farmland. They can only grow if a farmer stops.

    Due to this cabinet, we will not produce any food at the end of this century. Who wants to be a farmer when the government hates you?

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