The End Of The U.S. Dollar Is Here!

Most Americans don’t know what the “petrodollar” is, but the nation’s ongoing prosperity absolutely depends on it, and international events suggest that the petrodollar’s days are numbered, and with it the United States’ tenure as the world’s richest nation.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the moves afoot by the so-called BRICS nations of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – as well as Saudi Arabia – that will likely isolate the United States economically in the not-too-distant future.

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  1. To ALL AMERICANS: the money(paper/cloth…whatever)
    It's FIAT $. NOT GOLD BACK. Everything you THINK YOU KNOW has been a DECEPTION.
    For example: One CAN MAKE GOLD!! The ELITE, who gave us the school curriculums, KEEP THIS A SECRET!!! ONE CAN CHANGE a molecular structure= [MIX OF COMPOUNDS] + something from the OCEAN+
    Electromagnetic waves and FREQUENCIES=Au(GOLD)
    I bet they didn't tell you that in chemistry class?? I CAN NOT GIVE THE RECIPE here on-line or the FBI&IRS would be at my front door. I have saved over 50lbs. of gold and MADE close to 70 lbs of GOLD. Please listen to me, the PEDOPHILE ELITES ARE LYING TO YOU AND WANT YOU POOR AND SICK.

  2. a violent revolution is needed, but 99% of Americans are so invested in the system for so long that they would never do it. the other two options are voting third party and demand they clean house or keep taking it and hope and pray that you make it when it all falls apart.

  3. trump was meant to lose, no president wants to be in power for this 4 years where petro dollar collapses. They needed a president who literally has not got his mental faculties to realise whats going on around him under his watch.
    With petro dollar collapse comes world financial collapseand chaos and then hey presto certain cryptos will be presented as the solution to the problem.
    study up on xrp me on this

  4. The black man you couldn't identify on the right at time stamp 3:20 is my ex state president Jacob Zuma. He has not been president for many years. Currently in prison. Our current president is Cyril Ramaphosa. Though I get what you're saying and mostly agree, this article of BRICS countries is old. I think it even says 2014 at the bottom of the screen. The way you presented it seemed like it was current news. It's very old news. It is true though that my country, SA, will always side with Russia ( ANC loyalty to them for old apartheid days) and China (one China policy – they basically own SA). Just saying. I do enjoy your show Jimmy Dore.

  5. This has already been decided with the full consent of the United States.

    This is just an elaborately choreographed dance to usher in the US CBDC.

    It’s a way to end the dollar under the guise of a manufactured deliberate destruction of the dollar in order to implement the digital currency and the social credit system that goes along with it.

    “We have to do this. We have no choice.”

  6. The US has abused it's privileged use of the USD as the world reserve currency by weaponizing it. Other nations including BRICS are working on a trading only currency backed by commodities and several major national currencies, the Yuan being one of them. Too many countries have had their assets stolen and will welcome an alternative. Brasil and Argentina recently agreed to trade between themselves using national currencies

  7. Why would any country losing money over Ukraine give a shit about what Biden wants? They know why Russia is there…They also now the feminization of our male population is complete…they made half of them wonder if they should keep their dick and they've successfully dumbed down the other half. If there was a time to fear the destruction of the country, this is it. I don't think the gay and trans stuff if organic…it was done with a purpose

    And this means we killed Ghaddafi for no reason..Would going back to the gold standard help?

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