The American war industry is looking forward to “multiyear authority” in Ukraine. Does that sound like they want peace or don’t want peace? #war #nuke #ukraine

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Written by Russell Brand

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  1. Russel government no bid contracts for war not an example of capitalism. That would be closer to fascism. Most of what gets criticized of capitalism is usually all you would end up with in the so car fairer systems. It’s in the god damn name. Socialism… I’ll give the stolen money to the people I’m social with….

  2. wait, they worried about the climate harming people agenda 21 and such, what about War, its, pollution, suffering, death, and bitter destruction,? Dam, its 2022, you'd think War would be a thing of the near past…maybe by 2030 they can save humanity in all its forms of war; hopefully not after the nuclear winter remnant in hindsite. 🤨

  3. Again we wouldn’t have to spend money like this if all humans were the same. But we live in the world of past tyrants and today Putin trying his best to ruin people’s lives because of his ambition and legacy.
    WE the WEST ARE HERE TO STOP these crazy madmen. It’s just a basic part of life, I’m glad that we have the people and capabilities of keeping these guys in check.

  4. Russell, don’t you feel like tony Stark and stark industries have become reality? The nuclear bomber is the Ironman suit. Yeah, let’s celebrate the military industrial complex,war and death. The brainwashing is real. We used to keep these weapons mostly a secret and use them only as a last resort,how times have changed

  5. I clicked this video because I saw that jet One Day in 2017…. I live in Colorado Springs, and it was flying over Colorado Springs one day for like an hour. And we have NORAD and the Air Force Base and space force and everything else here, but yeah they were practicing flying for sure.

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  7. I don't know what you imagine should happen. Yes, weapons need to be manufactured. Someone has to build them. And yes they need to be… deathly. In fact, that's kind of the point. And yes someone is making money off of it – like anything, they won't manufacture themselves; nobody will make them for free. And yes, a military without pride and high morale, imparted in part by the weapons they use, is one that will lose.

    As for commentary of war or a particular conflict being disgusting, well that's another topic – make your case. But as long as we live in reality, preparation for war is a matter of necessity.

  8. Since you asked the question, the way that radical ideas will reach a significant number of people is by changing the way the content is delivered. Explaining things in a rational way has only a small impact because we are not rational beings. We must address another part of the psyche with another form: the language of poetry, myth, music and visual symbolic art are the appropriate media because they speak to our emotional, subconscious, instinctive part, and this move us, triggers us to take action. This is well documented and I will be happy to share more with anyone interested to hear about it

  9. Take care of your neighbors and pray those in context with the military complex will also take care of their neighbors.
    The internet doesnt require articulated thought to pass a whim thought, and writing a thesis paper over these platforms only work with a solid following of similar audience.
    Good luck, and take care of your neighbors.

  10. i can't believe they are selling this like a new car, the amount of death coming from this is unforgivable and will escalate the conflict to unthinkable levels. if these nuts think they have control of how this will play out , all you have to do is look into the past. everything will go sideways so fast the planet will become a giant graveyard😔 and there will be no return from it. the old song……dust in the wind ….by Kansas😕

  11. How is it President Trump went four years without starting even one new war? whereas Biden had us back at war the first week after he was installed
    War isn't 'inevitable' its profitable for corrupt politicians who only remain in power so long as the people remain gullible and too cowardly to remove them by ANY means necessary

  12. Should we just start listing the price per pound assumed by each tax payer, per delivered plane? My napkin calculator is showing about $1000/tax payer for the project until 2027, and about $4.00 /tax payer per plane initial cost. $250.00 + $4.00x(number of planes produced) + upkeep EACH YEAR FOR EACH TAX PAYER. Just thought you might want to know.

  13. At the end of the day, you have to pick a side, Russell.

    It’s naive to think that Russia and China are benevolent actors.

    It’s naive to think we don’t need to be prepared for the worst case scenario – war.

    It’s naive to think that capitalism hasn’t pulled more of humanity OUT of poverty than any other system in history.

    You can easily pick apart the warts. But get real about the alternative. We can’t live in communes.

    The USA, for all its worts and cysts – and yes a degree of corruption – is still the beacon for Freedom in the world.

  14. I used to laugh at pictures of some ole guy wearing a sandwich board saying "the end times are here" but now I feel a little differently. With the idiots and warmongers, we have in Washington, D.C. I'm beginning to feel the end time is near. As one who follows the news fairly closely, I don't remember being asked whether or not I want billions of our nation's wealth being spent in this foolish way.

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