The entire West FAILED to defeat Russia | Prof. Rich Wolff

In this video, Yale Professor and Marxist, Richard Wolff describes the decline of the US empire and the evidence that points to that decline.

Written by numuves

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  2. Dude, I don't care that you're shilling for the CCP but don't go around representing Canadians that they love South Korea. China and Chinese people are the most hated in Korea. Goes to show how little you know about geopolitics. Don't quit your day job.

  3. The entire so called West is not at war with Russia! If the west is actually going in for a war with Russia, they must obviously prepare for NUCLEAR WAR. To sum extent, America seems to be prepared for a nuclear war, but not Europe! The signs are all evident on the wall, Why not prepare for dialogue instead. Why has all the parties become so hawkish and would not listen to basic reasons?

  4. U.S. has never succeeded militarily in countries where the people were determined even if they were considered small. In this age to believe that a country like Russia would accept defeat is plain stupid. You can hurt maybe even bleed to an extent but defeating Russia will never happen and therefore no end to the war in the foreseeable future. Sadly Ukraine will be left with no shoulder's oneday.

  5. LOL! If anyone is up for it, you should read the article and see the pictures of Boris Yeltsin's visit to a Houston grocery store back in 1988. Even after the visit, Yeltsin had to admit Soviet Russia lagged far begind the west, and communism was doomed to failure.

  6. Maybe part of the west's problem is guys like this always criticizing. I don't think I buy it and why doesn't he go live in China if it's all that? Not really convinced what he saying is true. He skates over stats and leans on his title. I'm starting to think being a professor is just a welfare program for the upper middle class.

  7. I laughed when I watched this Moron ranting his Marxism
    It's as if the murder of 35 million Russian Christians by Marxist Bolsheviks never happened
    Nor 100 million Chinese by Mao
    It was a good day when kindly America gave this individual shelter from Hitler
    And when kindly Clinton allowed the Chinese into the World Trade Association on most favoured nation terms
    Strange growths like Beria flourish in Marxist societies.
    I have no doubt that this Marxist professors fiercely feminist wife would condemn Beria's unpunished raping and murder of Moscow teenage girls

  8. some truths, some interesting ideas but also twisted history and out right lies . I do not remember any one saying that the big bad Ukraine was going to defeat Russia in 2 weeks . Did the Ukrainian army make a push to capture Moscow in March 2022. The West does need to wake up like it needed to do in 1937.

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