The ESG Coercion Machine Explained

Libertarian Presidential Hopeful Michael Rectenwald and Dave Smith discuss how ESG is a tool of control over the economy.

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Written by Dave Smith

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  1. Right. It’s blatant degrowth communism. It’s written all over their website, they explicitly say it is an attack on capital itself. They think the point of capitalism is to funnel as many goods into as few hands as possible and it itself must be obliterated. This is how they intend to do it, is through degrowth communism labelled as environmental social governance. Same thing with queer theory, critical race theory, ze climate crisis, all of this nonsense. It’s just the latest attempt at a top down control scheme.

  2. This was a great interview. Question to you both (I am candidate shopping): Libertarians always refer to Austrian Economics but never mention that Austria has the worlds best Public Housing and a great National Healthcare system. Can either of you square this circle for me; or is this a “cherry-picking” situation? Thanks ✌🏼🤔🇺🇸

  3. Yes! ESG is an extremely important issue.
    ESG is a massive anti-competitive pyramid scheme and protection racket that is using taxpayer wealth and investments to dismantle Western civilization. This is behind the West's cultural revolution, the propaganda we see from film studios and video games, our involvement with China and Ukraine, Western energy and food shortages, and so much more.

    They are using our own money to destroy us.
    If candidates are not directly addressing it (as are Rectenwald, Trump, and Ramaswamy) then they are hugely missing a core issue.

    And it's great that Rectenwald mentioned Biden's veto.
    The Department of Labor passed a ruling to change ERISA which basically made it so that "fiduciary duty" could by bypassed by "climate change" imperatives, which essentially means that ESG businesses and asset managers can do whatever they want with Western wealth if it's ear-marked for "climate change"/"sustainability" action. That means that they can lose your money and jeopardize your investments for their pet "climate" projects. When 2023 House Resolution 30 was passed in the House and the Senate to block this undermining of investments by stopping this change to ERISA, Biden vetoed it. (This was in March 2023).

    If you want to know why the Regime is absolutely hellbent on ensuring a DNC or establishment victory in 2024, it is largely to protect this veto power. ESG is collapsing the distinction between asset manager monopolies and governmental action by forcing the government to adopt its own "sustainability" frameworks (i.e., ESG is not just a private formula). To collapse the West they need to keep this runaway train going by preventing "sustainability" governance from being excised from the bureaucracies.

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