The Fake Genius: a $30 BILLION Fraud.

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Sam Bankman-Fried was supposed to be a billionaire genius who ran one of the world’s largest Crypto exchanges: FTX. In only a few weeks, his $32B empire crumbled, and he was later arrested. This is how it happened…

Director: James Jani.
Creative Producer: Ayaz Ali.
Editors: James Jani, @feds.vids.
Motion Graphics: Santiago Garcia Ferreyra, Merce Garcia Ferreyra, Nick M, Daniela Varon.
Research: Danny Hatcher, James Jani.

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Written by James Jani

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  2. 49:50 – the "H A P P E N E D" tweets were likely to facilitate the deletion of tweets without triggering deletion watch alerts.

    There were a lot of people who were screencapping and archiving tweets of SBF saying that Alameda and FTX were separate.
    If you delete these tweets then people can't put embeds into articles.
    At the same time there are dedicated bots which can be setup to monitor the tweets of a single account: scraping the entire account and storing it, when the tweet count goes down they can work out which tweet has been deleted and repost the content of the tweet.
    Due to rate limiting this process can only be checked roughly once a minute.

    So to counter it, you tweet and delete, the bot doesn't notice your number has gone down and at the same time you've removed the incriminating posts.

  3. OMG what on earth is happening on earth? My only question is how did the government and law keepers didn't find anything illegal on Alamaeda Research company? How all that amount of money ended up on that company? Is anyone here that thinks that Sam is the small fish? I thing Binance and undercover political figures are in this thing.
    P.s.:JJ is the best storytelling so far. Everything is on top

  4. Not bad! The info about SBF being under house arrest is already out of date. Suppose that's the risk of rushing to make a doc before the case is over! And surely there are thousands of FTX victims who would have been happy to talk to you without hiding their identity? I enjoyed the show though. Good work 🙂

  5. this contribution lacks the capability of revealing the soures of FTX funding efforts and common ressources that claim the ads, sponsors, supporters, advocates, promoters, affiliates, assocates, commercialy, in other words where the hell did Friedoman achieve such wealth to afford the precursor and prerequisie of the commited fraud, yoiu might come to the conclision that collabators were involved, This youtube stream lacks in the narrative this minor peace of valuable information with significant impact to understand the big picture and judge about the context… swan effect

  6. This is why I will never ever EVER trust crypto until some sort of regulation gets set in stone. At that point the government will have there own digital currency tho worth more the BTC 😅 if you think the USA with let any other legal tender/digital currency take it over you’re tripping

  7. All these "Victims" sobbing now are the same ones who laughed in my face for avoiding crypto and every crypto platform. I am truly happy many of them lost life changing money, which they will most likely will never be able to save again, their retirement plans and "when lambos" are ruined. They deserved it for not doing any actual research, putting all of their money on a single platform WITHOUT an insurance and telling us the smartest people of the populace, who avoided these scams, how "stupid" we are. Better listen next time.

    I cannot even describe how satisfying it feels to be this right when everyone told me I was dumb and missing out.

  8. dont even give this guy the term "genius" he is not this and niether are those who went along with his scam ,,, they all knew what they were doing, stealing money from individuals for their own selfish gains,,, these ppl better be held acountable for their crimes,,, and government officials should pay back the stolen money cos they took more than their fair share,,,, scumbags everyone of them

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