‘THE FBI IS CORRUPT’ Rand Paul just gave OUTSTANDING speech over ‘Mueller’ witchhunt

‘THE FBI IS CORRUPT’ Rand Paul just gave OUTSTANDING speech over ‘Mueller’ witchhunt

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  1. I say that we as Americans find a way to not contribute to this line of bullshit non American bullshit. We will either stand up or we will fall. Fuck the narrative,we all have a voice as naturalized Americans. We lhave the right to bear arms and overcome any oppression that is instituted against we Americans.

  2. I figured out the problem, why I get so angry at these FBI/ATF people. They USED to be BETTER ACTORS. At least we were made to feel sorta stupid and naïve because of how smart they sounded, but with the idiots biden has chosen there is no doubt of guilt, only whether or not bidens mental disease is spreading.

  3. This Nation has fallen off the cliff and there is no turning back. Free speech is now a crime that is punishable to whatever level the Federal government deems necessary….. even death. We have lost the 1st ammendants definition of freedom of speech. This is the destruction of our entire U.S. Constitution. We now live in totalitarianism form of government.

  4. That guy is irritating! The Biden admin IS disinformation! They none, ever tell the truth, never answer ANY question honestly or directly…they don't want to be held accountable for anything they do, so they roundabout every answer to every question, which enables them to do anything in any way they want to for any reason they want….they are the dis information admin.

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