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  1. Unsurprising considering it's been obvious for years that Cocaine Turtle is controlled opposition for the Dems and a prominent member of the uniparty. Also unsurprising that both McConnell and McCarthy survived calls for both to be replaced as leaders. They helped destroy their own party's guaranteed landslide midterm in order to protect the globalist swamp.

  2. You better believe this kind of corruption runs VERY deep and it's across the board. FTX is the most obvious proof the 'deep state' or 'swamp' or whatever you want to call it is just an enormous criminal cabal. This isn't just government either. It's the press, Hollywood, music, finance… etc. I really wish this corrupt scum would get the same treatment I would if I broke the law. We'll be lucky if we get an explanation let alone an investigation with convictions. I try to be a good man, I pay my taxes, treat people with respect and kindness, love my family, work very hard and these people shit in my mouth and laugh. Then call us the suckers for following the law. Fuck these people I hope they get the chair.

  3. Some informative information but you once again fail when it comes to your perception of present-day federal financing/funding; we are now and shall forevermore be in the era of quantitative easing (QE) which negates your comment about those billions of "taxpayer" dollars being sent to Ukraine. Those monies, and one should also acknowledge that all federal funding, since we have a $31 TRILLION federal deficit, is in reality quantitative easing monies which describes the process of we the peoples' monies being electronically generated hence there is no federal tax revenue involved.
    I could go on to point out the fact that DUE TO QUANTITATIVE EASING (QE), WE DO NOT ACTUALLY HAVE A NATIONAL DEBT, BUT INSTEAD WE ONLY HAVE A PRETEND NATIONAL DEBT WHICH, OF COURSE, ALSO MEANS THAT OUR FEDERAL DEFICIT IS TOTALLY IRRELEVANT, since it is IMPOSSIBLE to borrow or payback, for that matter, electronically generated monies which, again, is we the peoples' electronically generated monies, but I'll resist the urge.
    As for the FTX debacle, all cryptocurrencies are in fact nothing more than modern-age high-tech counterfeiting and as such all cryptocurrencies will soon be banned. However, your information on who received large political contributions is very insightful as to why these cryptocurrencies haven't already been banned which makes it all the more likely that these cryptos will soon be banned in order to "destroy the evidence".

  4. Hence Trump should have declared an insurrection and arrested, investigated and tried everyone in congress, including Rand Paul. No global communist rat can escape. 2020 was a soft coup d'etat. Ranking military personnel should have been temporally installed in Congress to assure continuity of government. Americans go about their business. You are not going to have a real "election" again, ever. You are going to now have to fight your way out now, with the military against you. Trump was a loser pussy.

The pending Construction Recession

The pending Construction Recession

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