The Government is at War with Affordable Energy

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0:00 U.S. Declares War on Energy
1:00 History of Oil
3:17 Wealth Production Through Deflation
7:08 The Attack on Oil
10:46 More Scarcity, More Regulation

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Written by Heresy Financial

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  1. In any case, the Earth will be heated up by the sun vaporizing all water on the planet in approx 800 million years. Unless humans continue to evolve technologically, nothing we do on this planet matters, imo. The screams of environmentalists won't stop the Earth from being destroyed, but we may have a chance to save ALL life on Earth if we continue to advance with technology.

  2. Its almost like the govermant knows if they can't make payments to fed and then the fed will say you get cut off inless everyone gose on CBDCs. Bring new laws on corrupt goverment spending caps and bring back gold standard, abolish unconstitutional fed.

  3. Please make a video about how much the goverment borrows and pays intrest to fed to suport healthcare when the healthcare racket is 808 billion per year industry. If they made the highly profitable heathcare company's pay just a littel more tax wouldn't it pay for all social security and medicade clients to have there own hospitals and staff?
    Should the govorment be in control of social security/ medicare or even the postoffice? Its like going to find people that have filed for bankruptcy 5 times and say please come run our goverment because your so good with numbers.

  4. speaking of breathable air, we don't think it's important till we're not getting enough of it. Try living in Bangkok for a month or even a week to discover the joys of breathing pollution .. you'll soon be longing for an uncrowded place with few vehicles spewing black smoke into the air everywhere you go. We take clean air for granted in many parts of America.

  5. Turtles should thank plastics so oil is good? And CO2 emissions are cooling the earth so burning more oil is good? Driving a diesel coal burning truck saves the turtles and cools the earth? We're those the points being made? I'm afraid to ask.

    I love all your finance and economic content, but these bits surely feel pulled from your rear end. Even if you had a point, backed up by some article, you didn't bring it home. I much prefer this channel when you stick to what you know.

  6. Oh damn, War on ENERGY????!!!
    Well I'm glad I haven't paid the electric bill in 18months.
    San Diego charges 45cents or more per kilowatt hour and I heard China artificially keeps energy at 7cents a kilowatt no matter what it actually costs to produce but they make almost all of the steel and rare earth metals….
    2adults and baby in an apartment runs 5-20kwhours a day depending on how rich you think you are and rent is $2.50 per square foot every month or more…. Seriously thinking about that one acre farmland with nothing on it for less than 50grand.

  7. Your story might be incomplete around the SPR. US Refineries are largely setup to refine sour crude oil. The SPR had 40% sweet and 60% sour as of Jan 2022. So in all likelihood they drained the sour and now are too low to have an impact.

    I find it hard to believe the Saudi's would cut production to prop up the price. They may have changed but in the past they were mostly concerned around preserving marketshare. They have applied pressure in the past but I think they may have more intel about the global economy that is having them take capacity offline. It's not like a lightswitch, they have to ramp production down.

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