‘The Government should be afraid because they’re behaving unforgivably’ | Neil Oliver

Neil Oliver gives his take on the Government’s management of the cost of living and the energy crisis.

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  1. This is World War III when will people wake up and realize they’re being attacked on many fronts when will people get their heads out of their asses and realize this is not a place for polite rhetoric welcome to World War III there are no rules they will not stop until they have either attained their goal or been eliminated.

  2. Corrupt governments will fight to the bitter end to retain power and privilege. Symbolic actions by mass protestors won't be enough. People believe society is too civilized to engage in nationalist revolutions predicted by Kai Murros. Bloody massacres of police, army and government officials and their families are entirely possible and may be the only way to counter tyranny.

  3. Brilliant Neil – Thank You.
    If you agree with just some of Neil's opinions, there's a very good chance you'll agree with Jimmy Dore.
    A MustWatch – 27/11/22 –
    They cover the same subjects… & what Jimmy covers in US is mirrored remarkably closely in UK/Europe.
    Only 10m15s long – I recommend you spend a while absorbing it… Maybe more than once!
    What happens in USA happens in UK & Europe – The same socio-paths run the lot!
    Western society desperately needs Morality, Altruism & Empathy in C21 or will die… & die very badly & painfully indeed.

  4. You comments about the British government apply exactly to the situation and corrupt government of the USA. The last time I remember mass protests was against the war in Vietnam and the protestors were exactly right. We need that type of rally against the instantly of the currency and jump of cost of living. The inflation is so much higher that the government published numbers. Food has gone up in many cases close to 20% and even more on some things. Biden is a joke of a president and the news media is just a part of the democratic corruption. It’s clear Biden has been bought by the Chinese and others. The bbbb press is supposed to be there to be a check on government but now they are nothing but a mouth piece of the Democratic Party. I wonder what they think the future will be like, common sense decisions are gone. What is driving this. I think the NAZI Clause Schwab is at the base of it. The German government better wake up before he gets further along and gains more power we have something similar to WW2. Amazing where these crazy type thoughts of a world government is coming from, another crazy from Germany. This time though it seems he has somehow gained support from what was the sensible western governments. He even has gone has far as saying the way China is governed should be a model for other countries. This guy is dangerous and needs to be stopped!!!

  5. It's time to boycott these so called "governments"….. as Neil succinctly puts it they have gone too far, they have taken their power and usef it against us, we either continue to participate and funds these fools or we take a stand……..

    Your life and that of your families is literally in the balance here……

  6. This is the grand secret behind modern day politics – if the politicians can keep you fighting each other, you will not fight them. The real issue is us vs them. This has been discussed for probably 1,000 yrs or more. If the governed wished to, we could stop any of this garbage. Civil disobedience on a mass scale shuts down any ability for the government to fight back. You should expect violence, threats, fines, jail time, etc. But eventually, and it wouldn't take long if enough people were in it together, they would bow the knee to us. Thank you, Neil, for speaking out and speaking the truth. I hope you are prepared for the whirlwind because once you start talking like this, they will do what they can to shut you down.

  7. NEIL you are such a great communicator for telling the bare TRUTH. Thank you for speaking up. My question is how do we stop the so-called elites? In my view, they will not stop until they are stopped by the population itself since the corrupt justice system supporting these elites will not do it.

  8. Some of this has been happening in China probably the most repressed society in the world.

    When banks defrauded the people and refused to allow them access to their own money, the people refused to pat their mortgages. The repression by the party caused the people to be locked and welded into their apartments under the pretence of stopping the virus. The people said "Ok. Let it rot." and are doing all these little things that are meaningless individually but collectively make authoritarianism impossible. Currently there are mass protests across China and the people are assisting each other against the police and party operatives.

    As the dictator's weakness and nakedness becomes clear, the people take control and possibly revenge. When their livelihoods and lives are threatened, the Police, Military and other enforcers like the puppet main stream media will turn. They have no love for the elite either and follow their own interests in victimising the people. They say "We shall ally ourselves with whichever side appears to be winning", until the truth is revealed and the real power emerges.

    They then say "We were just following orders" or the 21st century equivalent "We were just doing our jobs". It did not save the collaborators and those who found pleasure in evil 70 years ago.

    We should nevertheless welcome changing of the guard and employ them against their former masters.

    They will turn when the time comes because they know in their souls that they are doing evil. A question for the future is what will happen to these enablers, will they also be held to account when their masters fall.

  9. THIS IS SO TRUE. I'm not sure that they have no money because they have been bought by Soros, Gates and the like who are stealing from us all. You can bet those fatherless are betting on rises in commodity prices that they are actually manufacturing through the UN and elite politicians around the world.

    Either way if we want to keep our freedom and the rights our forebears gave blood injuries and lives to gain and keep them. We just had Remembrance Day – to remember those who fought to stop the one world ideas of Hitler and other kinds of socialists national or international.

    The UN is creating the cost of living crisis that we are suffering already. Not only here but in the poorest countries of Africa and the Near East – places suffering hunger on less than a dollar a day are being pushed into starvation. That is what is CAUSING the migration crisis. It is fuel shortages caused by unachievable, useless Carbon limits but the fatherless of the UN are not happy with that. now they want to use the excuse of Nitrogen Limits to take away even more of our food.

  10. Your bigotry is showing fyi you're an immigrant,we're all immigrants, you're not King Alfred so if you want change stop spouting cognitive dissonance nonsense.You should be grateful to migrants for helping the country recover from the war. Gov is mafia stealing from the poor to give to the rich and if you actually care create a revolution.Why do you still have laws that protect heads of state from prosecution? Did the UK queen ever had a passport? No! passports are instruments of digital slavery.

  11. In 2008 crash the bankers robbed the US the UK and large parts of the world and no banker went to jail except maybe in Iceland. In the US the immigrants,the poor and the teachers were blamed for the actions of Wall Street thievery corporations. Watch the film the Big Short. It will explain the future. Those who don't learn from history are doomed to see it repeated.

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