The Horrifying Case That Drove Me to Resign

Former Detective Constable Maggie Oliver recounts the despicable grooming case and ensuing internal injustices that caused her to resign from the Greater Manchester Police.

Maggie Oliver is an English former Detective Constable with the Greater Manchester Police. She is known as a whistleblower for exposing the poor handling of the Rochdale child sex abuse ring case by her own force. Maggie was a consultant on Three Girls, a BBC drama based on the scandal, in which she was portrayed by Lesley Sharp. She is the author of Survivors, a book on the same topic, which is available here:

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  1. No fathers. White working class girls, easy meat. Throwing words around like pedo is not helpful. We are talking about gang grapists. When have we ever had this issue in the UK prior to inviting muzzley duzzleys in to our country? This is not a pedo problem, it is an issue with our moral differences between Islam and the UK.

  2. I discovered the grooming epidemic in 2015 and have followed it and its cause, ever since. Thx Maggie, for your courage and perserverance. Thx Konstantine for taking this up. I tried to get a grass roots movement going in the states with local friends.
    Most couldn't believe it, couldn't stand to listen to it, wanted nothing to do with it.
    That remains the case today.

    Why? The West has deemed the perpetrators to be classified as a "victim group." This is happening to a lesser degree across European countries, wherever the group gains a foothold in the country. What's happening in Nigeria and other African countries is absolutely horrific. I'll stop here and thanks so much for looking at this decades long horror that so many UK teen girls and others not in the UK have been enduring with no help from authorities.

    Just imagine for a minute – a 12-15 year old teen girl in a room somewhere – with a line fo 20 or more guys waiting outside to "have their turn"!
    Then you realize this will continue for 3 or 4 years before ahe is released – and a new group of youngsters is captured and abused. And the authorities … turn away … from these child victims – over and over again.

    I can give plenty of evidence if you contact me. I'll try and contact you. Thankyou again and stay safe and well.

  3. The Police were afraid to investigate these crimes for fear of being called racist. The rapists were all of Pakistani origin and the victims were white. Had the races been reversed, this would have received global coverage and heads would role! Because the victims were white, nobody gave a sh1te!!! Thanks to Tony Blair and multiculturalism there are areas of England that Police are unable to control due to a wall of silence, and crimes like this can happen under the noses of, and often with the consent of, the local community. There is a lot of guilt to go around!!!

  4. I’ve had a fair amount of dealings with the police and know people who were officers. Whilst there are many who are competent I’ve always thought that many of them really are not very bright. The slightest complexity in a situation seems to confound them. As this is how it manifests, they will only recognise the obvious, not what’s actually happening. Hence the girls often being seen as the trouble maker. On top of that, remembering my time as a motorcyclist in the 70/80s and the behaviour on the miner’s picket lines, the British police are not fans of the British working classes.

  5. Muslims and Black people overwhelmingly commit crime out of proportion to their population, yet me bringing this up is seen as a non-crime hate-incident in the UK. Sick and tired of seeing them coddled and protected from legal action based of their identity. At the same time in adverts and movies the "bad guy" is always white as if this will somehow trick us from realising the opposite is true. Western civilisation is rotting away and white leftists are the most to blame.

  6. I was SA'd in 2003 in Bolton, on the street. I went to the local cop shop that night to report it, and they didnt care. Told me theyd note it down, but nothing could be done. Didnt even interview me. No statement, nothing. I was in and out in 5 minutes. I was 17. Guess the ethnicity of the bloke.

    He let me go after I elbowed him in the face. I think my height helped, I was taller than him.

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