The IMF Just Unveiled a Blueprint for a Global CBDC

The IMF has announced they are working tirelessly on a global central bank digital currency, one Cbdc, to rule them all. And it is just as bad as you might imagine.

This blueprint is primarily to incorporate cross-border payments for individual CBDCs across the world. Now, obviously, the real reasons why they want to push something like this and the stated reasons for pushing something like this are going to be very different/

Reading between the lines, we find it’s about maintaining control over money flow. However, one of the stated reasons is that there has been a rising interest in crypto assets, which is why many monetary policy institutions like central banks have been exploring CBDCs.

0:00 Introduction
0:51 Disconnect between Governments and Crypto
3:44 Financial Tyranny through CBDCs
4:20 Power Struggle for Cross-Border Payments
7:10 Centralization vs. Decentralization

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  1. Don't forget project BB, when they will stage an alien attack in order to create a one world nation to fight back against the "alien attack." I could have told you this CBDC was going to happen before C-vid. Remember the WEF quotes "you will own nothing and be happy." When you are under one nation that controls the credit system you will effectively be a slave. If you step out of line you lose all your credits. But most of you are like early, Native Americans, in that you think because your neighbors have no concept of higher tech it doesn't exist. Just wait until the "colonizers" show up on shore with tech that makes you think aliens are real. Don't stress about it just be aware of what is happening.

  2. that cross border CBDC thing just aint gonna happen. Do you think Iran, Russia, China, the EU, USA, etc. will all get together and create a shared payment networks? I see at least two major centers for this: USA/NATO and BRICS. There may be more, which would make CBDC's useless as it would be impossible to make cross border payments between "enemy" nations. The only possible means of transacting between enemy states where none trusts the other's opacity and lack of transparency in gold reserves would be … Bitcoin. I think the likes of Blackrock/Fidelity, etc realized this and they're wanting to try to corner that market and bring it in under their control. China is doing the same in Hong Kong. they know they're screwed because the share of Bitcoin that they can effectively control is much less than what they were used to under the FIAT system.

  3. A cross border crypto currency already exists that's been targeted on purpose to suppress its value. I'm surprise these channels all bring up this recent news of countries switching over to a new system without connecting the dots as to why the US in now heavily restricting these assets.

  4. It won't work, it cannot. CBDC is bad for big companies too. A government could shutdown a companies balance holdings over a leaked scandal to the press, CBDC is no longer money in any sense of the word, it is vouchers, that expire. It will lead to mass civil unrest and near constant rioting and en masse' civil war between public and state. Liars create solutions for fake problems.

  5. Went to our local-only mall in our home town last night!! It was just a massive change in past three months. Clearance sales in almost very store. Huge number of new vacant spaces and going out of business signs every where.. SCARY HOW FAST THINGS ARE CHANGING!!!

  6. This is already baked in. Once individual (or regional ie EU) governments come out with their CBDC's, they will legislate away the ability to use independents like BTC. (it will become illegal). Done deal, global financial tyranny. Like I started, it's baked in. Mark of the beast vibes yet anyone? Better get right with God Almighty.

  7. If I ever become unable to buy and self-custody bitcoin with fiat, I'll stop accepting fiat for my labor. If that means I'm looking at homelessness and starvation with no way out but to go work for fiat, I take a crack at some triple letter workers, see how many I can get before they wipe my local meat partition. I will not play ball with these a-holes, period.

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