The Joker gets pregnant and poops out a baby! DC Comics goes FULL gender identity with Batman!

DC Comics has been doing some strange things lately, but what they just did to Joker has to top it all! The DCU depends on Batman, why would they do this?

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  1. i hate manga being including to comic sales. i’ve been in love with manga since like 2008 when i was 7-8 and never saw comics as close to being as good as manga was and now in 2023 it just proves i was right when i was 8 i was just 13 years late

  2. DC has been dead for a long time now and I’m surprised people still care. It’s one thing when their writing is awful but their artwork is equally as bad. These updates are laughable. No one at DC Comics cares about what they release.🤣😂

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