The Latest from Brazil, Bolsonaro and Lula – Election Gone Wrong? Viva & Barnes Clip

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  1. Nobody seems to get where we are in the world. The whole world is protesting one thing or another. The WE F has put their pawns all in place and they pushed the button to go. Am I the only sane one who could see this? This is a agenda put in place by the elites, everyone open their eyes. At this point I blame the people for being blind or simply not caring what their country becomes.

  2. As someone that believes the Liberals and the Con's are in on the WEF scam and fraud. That the religious are just a mirror image of the woke cult. It's obvious to me elections are rigged or being stolen all over the world. Australia Canada Brazil US and others. At what point can we all admit that elections are rigged and worthless? The only way democracy functions is with in the rule of law. The WEF and their actors influence is abandoning the rule of law at a fast pace. Where is the line where it's right for the people to riot and protest these corrupt elections?

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