The little red Chinese balloon – Grayzone live w/Max Blumenthal & Aaron Mate

Join Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate live for a discussion of the latest Cold War hysteria hovering in the skies above the US, the continued climbing of the escalatory ladder in Ukraine, the collapse of a top US mercenary group and its founder’s tirade against Blumenthal, and the furor over Rep. Ilhan Omar being stripped of her committee assignment by GOP leadership.

Written by The Grayzone

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  1. Mr. Howarth should go himself to fight in the front raw – should also bring his sons and daughters, friends and their families… as for the other britt, Elmwood or whatever, he says there are few soldiers in uk – so let him enlist, again with his own family.. as for petreus guy, where does he live.. why doesn't he go to Moscow to make regime change in Kremlin, surely he'll find a lot of followers among the 10% of disidents trained and on us payroll for last 70 years… will somebody explain to these 3 that Russia is not just another Iraq or Libya or Serbia (Yugoslavia) or Afganistan but a country that will win in the end and these will have to look for new work if anybody will hire them ever, maledetti!!!!

  2. "The Republicans like women of color when they do what they want"

    Switch it to Democrats and its all the same. If I were to opine on comparing the tokens, I frankly trust the GOP more. You have "women of color" in the Democrats who cannibalize other "women of color". GOP, can anyone find the same?

  3. Typical American overreaction! why are they calling this a spy balloon? what a bunch of (including mainstream journalists) ignoramuses! When USA flies drones over other countries' airspace and drops bombs. then there are all the bases worldwide, especially Asia. Then there is Nacy visiting Taiwan ignoring China's request.

  4. Good to know there are Americans real to the fact it's just a balloon that can be brought down slowly (they probably don't want to bring it down because they don't want to find out it's actually a real weather balloon) and get laugh at for going nuts over a BALLOON!

  5. False flag to whip up public sentiment towards China. The neo cons want a war with China so this is a stunt to change public perception. If this was a China spy balloon it would have been blown out of the sky. They don't need a balloon they have satellites.


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