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The Mainstream Media Blames ‘The Freedom Movement’ for the QLD Police Shootings

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  1. I just want to share my theory on the recent police shootings. It’s highly probable that this was a red flag operation. All three were anti axes. Canada has been promoting that anti axes have a mental condition. Why was the neighbour shot in the back from 100 m. You don’t turn your back in such situation. Why did four police go to the site for a missing person? They obviously knew that this people didn’t like the police? In my opinion this case was artificially set up for promote the mental condition of unvaccinated people! Scare campaign.

  2. The main stream media has done nothing but lie to all Australians for the last 2 years, why would anyone believe a word of their reporting , that's no conspiracy, every Australian has been a witness to all of it . The New World Order the owns the msm , that's common knowledge.

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