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The Markets Believe … Honest …!

The latest edition of our finance and property news digest with a distinctively Australian flavour.


0:14 Introduction
0:41 US Markets
5:50 European And UK Markets
7:40 Oil and Gold

8:16 Asian Markets
9:30 PBOC Monetary Policy
17:55 Japan
19:13 Australian Markets
22:45 Crypto
25:50 Summary And Close

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  1. The RBNZ expects that NZ will move into recession, and this will last a long time. But a case can be made that after adjusting for house price inflation aided and abetted by the RBNZ, and population growth clearly in the governments hands, the rest of the economy has been in recession off and on for years. Low levels of growth are normalized but this is also associated with the lack of positive management. Finance Minister Robinson politely disagrees with the RBNZ on whether a recession will occur. This shows the shell game on economic policy for what it is. No one is responsible for the outcome.
    I don't disagree with the move back to interest rates in the historically normal band, but no explanation is offered for the original deviation from those norms. The RBNZ seeks praise for ceasing to do dopey stuff. But having caught the RBNZ doing the right thing, we do need to praise them for selfish reasons. Essentially however this experiment has failed. The idea that we will gain prosperity from lazy conservative policies and faith in markets has been disproved. Hard work and realistic planning in support of business is required if we are to maintain an edge over more dynamic Asian economies.

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