The media got it wrong on Covid | Dr. Matt Strauss | Part 1.

As the medical officer for Haldimand-Norfolk, Dr. Matt Strauss took a rational approach to Covid. He spoke out about the effectiveness of masks, opposed lockdowns and questioned the need to vaccinate kids. In the region that he oversaw, the mortality for Covid was 30% lower than the provincial average.

However, that didn’t stop legacy media outlets like the Toronto Star from attempting to cancel Dr. Strauss.

On this episode of The Rupa Subramanya Show, Rupa and Dr. Strauss discuss how the media got it wrong on Covid, Strauss’ ongoing battles with activist journalists and much more. Tune into part 1 of Rupa’s interview with Dr. Strauss!


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  1. The media didn't get it wrong , they were paid to get it wrong BIG DIFFERENCE . There's a reason why they removed the law in 2019 that stopped Media from spreading false information and propaganda in Canada , Welcome to Agenda 2030 and it's only going to get worse WAAAAAAAAAY worse , what's coming is going to make the last three years look like a play date with bouncy castles .

  2. It isn't that they did the analysis of the information that govt was pumping out, it is that they were complicit in tyranny that and is being perpetrated against citizens. It isn't just on mandates, lockdowns, forced injection it is on all fronts, identity politics, censorship, monetary manipulations, destruction of key sectors of the economy, attacks through lockdowns on small business, attack on food growers, debt, corruption among the political elites, undermine the provinces autonomy, attack on professional to discredit the academics that are not onside.

  3. I live in Haldimand Norfolk and I was so excited to see you in that position.
    I was shocked at how badly that attacked you in the media as well.
    Edit. I am over 40 and will never get vaccinated, whatever vaccination is anymore.
    This jab is anything but a vaccination, it doesn't even meet the definition.
    For you to be pushing this vaccine is incredibly callus and irrisponsible.
    With all of these athletes collapsing it can no longer be ignored the dangers of this jab.

  4. How was the Dalla Lana School of Medicine of The University of Toronto sought after to head the Ontario Covid Science Table? Was Premier Doug Ford dictated to from above to have the very much WEF/UN aligned organization advise the Ford government on Covid measures and modelling?

  5. These goobers talking about the "benefits" of this vaccine. You mean the danger of it, look at all the people dropping dead while being young. Don't tell me that age is a factor. Just roll the dice with getting covid, if you live great, if you don't then a normal flu would have probably killed you anyways. Strauss spoke early on about how no editor would take his story about a counter narrative, but later on he is talking about studies and doesn't think that there isn't any manipulation there. Talk about naïve. I do not trust any medical officer in Canada who kept their jobs during this mess.

  6. "Got it wrong"… That's funny. First, public health threw conventional wisdom, standards, and honesty to the wind. Only then did the media get their marching orders, lap it all up like the tools they are, and propagandize us to literal death. This wasn't incompetence, it was malfeasance on the part of health/medical professionals, and they should be held accountable.

  7. Big pharma is planning on having boosters for the next 17 years, this will be implemented in the States. This shows its just about profit and their not moving these vaccines from Emergency statues which allows no research or testing of the side effects.

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