The Media’s Deranged Hysteria Over Elon Musk’s Restoration of Free Speech

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We focused this monologue on the media’s truly panic-driven and demented meltdown over the possibility that there will be one social media platform on the internet — Twitter — that they cannot censor and control. The monologue examines the underlying motives and drives that cause corporate media employees to panic in the face of free speech, as well as the insidious and potent plan that is being constructed — right out in the open — to destroy any social media platform that refuses to submit to censor orders, the way they did to Parler.

We believe there is no more urgent issue than the full-scale, multi-pronged attack on free speech on the internet. The censorship regime they are constructing will enable them to propagandize the population without challenge and fully control the flow of information. That is why we are devoting our work and producing our show on Rumble, a company that we truly believe is committed to preserving free speech and defying censorship pressures not only as a brand but as a cause. Stay tuned for the premiere of our new live SYSTEM UPDATE. We hope you enjoy this glimpse of the show we are in the final stages of perfecting.

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Written by Glenn Greenwald

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  1. Glen: respectfully:

    The leader of team tyrant is "intending" to allow what restoration?

    Stock photos of free speech like the stock photos of chimps. Free as blue birds.

    Maybe, Captain Brain Chip and The Company should not control free speech that his social media team have strived for years to disravel for the nonelitests.

    When will the friends of Elon restore the science they have absolutely hidden so eloquently?! Restore the scientific evidence, for us to speak freely on it, in free forums!!

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