The Men Who Own Everything.

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-The truth about Klaus Schwab’s youth

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Companies Carbon Emissions.,on%20Climate%20Change%20(IPCC).

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  1. People had their chance in the 1910s by opposing the founding of the Federal Reserve and again in the 1930s by joining the NatSoc and Fascists but they chose to become useful idiots for the International Jew, international finance, and Stalin.
    Rebirth follows destruction so we should work to bring down international industrial society to start over.

  2. A fantastic summary of the psychopaths who think they rule over us!

    Several months ago I found an interview with Noah Yuval Harari in which he called most people “the useless class” and predicted when people are no longer needed (replaced by technology.) they will spend their time playing video games and doing drugs (legal and otherwise). It was absolutely chilling… these people hate us and fantasize about our destruction.

  3. Normally I'd be terrified of such blatant fascistic far left totalitarianism being enforced on a free and autonomous People but after 80 million "Americans" voted for the sponsors and originators of said fascistic totalitarianism, I've no longer the capacity for compassion and sympathy since such virtues are reserved for actual people, not NPC sheep…

China sends 71 warplanes 7 ships toward Taiwan

China sends 71 warplanes, 7 ships toward Taiwan


That one time Queensland’s Chief Health Officer John Gerrard said “anti-vaxxers are taking up a disproportionate amount of oxygen… (