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The Mortgage Stress Traffic Accident Is Coming Into View!

More analysts are now talking about mortgage stress. How ever you define the concept (we prefer cash flow metrics) things are getting worse. So ahead of our next batch of updates on Tuesday, we look at what some other analysts are saying.

Perhaps, better late than never they are now understanding things I have been highlighting for some long time!

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  1. It's likely lots of people in banking and government knew this was to happen. It's the chosen plan to reduce inflation. Pity those who gained most from the response to Covid aren't paying for their gains now – instead they'll wait around like vultures for the relatively cheap houses that recent FHBs will be forced to sell. I thought we voted in a Labor government but it's hard to notice any difference so far.

  2. Starting to see and lot more listing popping up, also seeing a lot of the cheaper places getting snapped up quick. That means the people who are trying to sell and lock in their 200-500k profits before prices drop like a rock.. are struggling to find buyers. Which will drive the high end properties down to more affordable levels. Great news, good to see a lot of the people who like to use leverage without learning about the other side of itā€¦ getting schooled. People will work out soon that properties are expensive to own, and only have been great due to people buying up more then their fair share.. 880k vacant still ? šŸ‘. Great to see, if anyone is trying to buyā€¦ wait for a year or two, let these over leveraged chumps do all the heavy lifting towards more attractive entry points.

  3. Thanks Mr. Martin…yes a pity but these people signed for these insane amounts during a long term fall in interest rates…it was always going to rise because of the bubble…Australians don't want to admit they have bought into Snake Oil spruiking. Rampant deflation is here!

  4. This will be Australia's swan song. Migrants and the weathy have a ready supply of offshore cash, a decline won't impact them at all. Australians living in the fast lane will pay the price for successive governments failres by opening the door to enormous migration, let's face wealthy Asians. Sydney is already becoming the next Beijing slum. Closely followed by the Mafia in Melbourne. Want to even, pull your money out of the big 4 and look at your local bank.

  5. Forced sales come with a rush when unemployment rises. Mortgage holders will get a 2nd job if needed to save their house. Take away their primary jobs and look out. RBA is already forecasting unemployment to reach 4.5%, and that's with no recession.

  6. Mortgage Stress is targeted at mortgage holders but ignores the moral stress it has for those directly related to people with a mortgage. When people are enslaved to the big banks and may not have a roof over their head, the households may resort to crime because the sin of envy has come home to roost. Such a sin and the penalty for it is a lot more universal than people's love of money.

  7. Good show Martin šŸ˜€

    One difference between you and other youtube economic commentators is that you never do a show on nothing lol

    Some of them just rehash stuff they have already said because they have nothing new, that is so annoying

    Anyway, how about getting an apprentice when you get back home

    I like what Rebel Capitalist does with young bloke Josh, a bit of young blood broadens outlook and appeal

    He doesn't do it right though, you would do it better


  8. I have no sympathy for those who bought anywhere from late 2019 to now who cry poor me. I was ready to buy, but couldnā€™t see any value in VIC due to the high amount I would have to had borrowed. Now ready to buy but not looking at a loan of huge values and ready to poor cash in to it to get a roof over our heads and have it paid off in 10 years even with the high interest.

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