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The MSM is completely shameless

The media is all to happy to take advantage of anything to push the agenda.

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  1. why were the two cops there in the first place? and why send two rookies? were they there to get them of the property because Murdoch wants the land for fracking? isn't there a police station closer to this place than where the w police came from? a guy told me these 2 police were from south of Brisbane. correct me if I'm wrong. sounds to me the government wants the land for fracking.

  2. The entire event is staged. When you know the occult, you see so many things. It is too precise to have ANY randomness involved.
    My personal opinion is the event DID NOT HAPPEN. All "victim"s involved are paid actors and are now in witness protection with new identities. It is like a hollywood movie set. I want to see the dead bodies. Open the caskets, probably full of sand bags.

  3. The real criminals in this country are definitely the government and as for the conspiracy theories they're all true and everybody knows it and this these government job imbeciles keep pushing their same bullshit narrative it won't work they've lost the public they've lost the public support the only people that support the police are the police

  4. Is it true that the bodies of the dead were moved before the forensics people arrived at the scene of the crime. If so why did Queensland police do this. A bunch of rookies sent to a remote property to do a welfare check and broke the locks on the gate to the property – is this also true. Government using this event to criminalise anyone that disagrees with them or any critical thinkers.

  5. You could see the former School Principal had issues!
    First for having to take the jab,then he has a heart attack,then all these therories about Covid & other people pissing in his pocket about all the therories going on in the world,no wonder he went over the edge.I don't understand a missing persons report( the principal) when he was at his brothers house.
    It is a waste of tax payers money or any other money for Queensland Police to purchase this property.
    I know quite a few families that live off grid & they are normal functioning familes that want to live in rural areas often the children & parents are into horses or are big into nature.
    Like you said it costs a fortune to get power to some rural properties,I know one couple in NSW that got quoted $80,000 plus to go from the nearest pole to the house plus transformer,a distance of around 150 meters & that was 12 years ago.They purchased solar with battery back up for $30,000 & batteries are due for replacement now.
    This was a tragdety all round,& the MSM will flog this unfortunate tragdety to its full.I just wish all parties would tell the truth in these circumstances.

  6. I have had thoughts of this situation and the more I look at it the more I see a set up ( sacrificial lambs to create a tragedy ). To send 4 police out to investigate a missing person in the middle of nowhere by god knows who ( it was supposed to be abandoned ), then to be shot at and not inform surrounding properties of the situation is very bizarre or very poorly handled. The brother who crossed the border was a very well respected principle who was on stress leave from a very poorly supported school that was at breaking point ( 29 principles in 23 years ), he to was at breaking point with no help. Walgett is not the place to be when you are having a nervous breakdown from work stress. There is a lot more to this story than meets the eye but that’s not important, but what is important is that they keep driving home that the brother was an antivaxxer or a conspiracy theorist and they had guns, that all that matters. Sounds like someone is trying to drive a wedge in between two different thinking human beings again, I wonder who that could be

  7. So does it make sense to anyone that these police officers may have been actors because they were only out from the academy for a week until this incident happened, so after the incident happened there just shipped off to somewhere else they would have had aliases while they were acting and now they're just gone back to the normal lives with a huge chunk of money as payment for their acting work?

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