The Newest And Most Shameless Hoax To Demonize Christians

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A mass grave controversy was stirred up to demonize Christians, but it all ended up being one giant lie.

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Written by Matt Walsh

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  1. Whoa Matt, you want to follow the evidence but then you accuse this Chief of something opposite of his statement. When I listened to it, I interpreted "prepare for the worst, hope for the best" as being "prepare for finding buried children's remains, but hope to find nothing of the sort". Don't twist that around to fit YOUR narrative. Earlier in this video you promote following the evidence. Don't create something that isn't there.

  2. its big money to be a victim….millions being handed out to reserves for compensation for the atrocities that didn't happen and to people who weren't even born at the time. I say use that money for housing, clean water and education….my own family are native and they have never claimed to be victims…

  3. It all boils down to the same thing – who else would vote for leftist trash, if not people who consider themselves (or who choose to be) failed losers who refuse to join the rest of society and will never progress because they want to remain the same forever?

    Every human on earth comes from a culture who has suffered, and also one who has caused other cultures to suffer, but in the U.S. and Canada, leftists (who never have anything to offer society, and are lazy as h*ll), seek out as a political fan base those who are as lazy as they are, and love to blame others for the fact that they're not moving ahead, instead of blaming themselves.

    I'm Hispanic, but I'll give an example of people who are the opposite of leftists. My great-grandparents suffered in tremendous poverty as children and young adults, yet through the hardships, they worked many menial jobs until they were slowly able to put away a little here and a little there, and not spend it (unlike most people do). Over a long period of time, that money eventually got them a tiny little run-down store in a not-great neighborhood in their country, and that store grew in clientele, and they earned money, which they put in the bank and did not spend (unlike most people do). Then they got a slightly bigger and better shop locale, and made more money (which they didn't spend). They did this over and over until they had several businesses. This allowed them to send their children to private schools (with the money they didn't waste, unlike most). And so on, and so on.

    My great-grandmother taught herself to read and write. Why herself? Because she felt embarrassed to ask anyone to teach her. She was very proud. Did my great-grandparents go through life blaming the rich in their towns who owned so much of the land, and demand that it be divided up and some of it handed over to them totally free? Never. Did they blame the upper classes, who mostly hired their own family and friends? Never. Did they blame the fact that there was no government welfare trough to suck from? Never. They simply strived. But when they got to a certain comfortable level in life, those who never wanted to work hard, those who spent money immediately any time they got hold of some, were very envious of them, as if it had been by magic (and not hard work) that my great-grandparents had obtained what they had.

    I don't know why this story reminded me of that except that leftists live in a world of lies, they love lies and it reminded me of how entitled they feel, wanting to be rich without making any effort whatsoever.

    They also lie about culture. For example, indigenous everywhere were very often quite cruel to other indigenous tribes (Westerners had wars, and indigenous tribes were no exception – in fact, some were very cruel). Many indigenous sacrificed their enemies to their "earth gods." They also enslaved other tribes. They also raped the women of other tribes. They did a lot of things that colleges and universities don't want to mention because colleges and universities want very badly to encourage minorities to vote left, so they paint minorities as angelic, while they paint Westerners as evil. They even inject them with false ideas, such as non-existent graves of children to go looking for.

    Isn't it time to be completely honest and state the truth about everything and everyone, no matter how much it hurts? Truth is very important if a person is going to move forward. This is why the fan base of the leftists never ever moves forward. They continue to live out lies.

  4. I live in East Vancouver, which is kinda like Canada's answer to Portland, and many of my old friends are deeply leftist. They think of me as their crazy right wing/ conspiracist friend, and to me they are usually intelligent folks who completely lose touch with reality when we discuss politics or economics. This whole residential school/ mass grave story was big in Canada when it first came out a couple years ago. I've respectfully tried to tell them that this story is utterly fake news, that not a single body has been found, and they just get agitated and angry and lecture me about the evils of the residential school system, or accuse me of downplaying the issue. It's always weird for me because I grew up with these people and I've always known them to think critically and get to the uncomfortable truth of sensitive issues… but the maniacal zealotry of modern leftism leaves no space for different perspectives, thoughtful analysis or reasonable tolerance. It's sad

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