The Next Few Weeks Will Be DEVASTATING For Ukraine – Col. Douglas Macgregor

Mostly what we hear from the mainstream corporate media about the Ukraine War is that Russia simply must be defeated, even if it means sacrificing the lives of every last man, woman and child in Ukraine. But few of the pundits, politicians and think tankers promoting this program have much of an idea about whether this outcome is remotely possible.

Guest host Aaron Maté and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger speak with retired U.S. Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor about the collective delusion among Western nations that Ukraine can defeat Russia on the battlefield.

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  1. You know I don't know if everyone else is getting as tired of this bullshit as I am but I just wish Russia I would go through Ukraine and devastate the whole damn place and get this over with! Because that's what they're going to have to end up doing. And I would rather see Russia own that land than America or black rock or Poland or Ukraine!

  2. Too many of our lawmakers have spent decades in their position being isolated from the true American public. They have no clue what they're doing they're only doing what they're told to do and they are so well trained by the New World Order, that they will never do anything that people want. Lindsey Graham is a perfect example of this.

  3. I wonder which u.s. AF unit will be screwed over to give Ukraine F16s. If no u.s. unit is getting screwed over, then it will be some other allied country. Lockheed ain't like Ford of GM, it takes a much longer time to make the F16 than it does an automobile. I can guarantee that all F16s on the factory floor are already allocated. So we return to the original question, who's going to take one for the team? Likely it's gonna be some guard unit that badly needs to replace their older F16s. So much protecting CONUS airspace.

  4. What the US is doing is sending their old crap to Ukraine and while they doing that all allied locations may be taking in better weaponry so that the US bases, if any, have it at the ready after Ukraine falls… that is when a heavy attack could happen against Russia and China at the same time … dead of night when they least expect it…. Hopefully this is not the case scenario to happen… LOL… if anything the attack will be against locations they believe are the silos that house nukes… lets hope these fools wanting war have none of this idea in their head… this is a more than likely coming to head …. if at all possible…. LOL

  5. Why doesn't anyone recognize this or call this out as the money-laundering machine it is? Look at where the billions of dollars in these crazy Recovery, Stimulus Bills have gone. I'm old eough to remember NASA. We could use another William Proxmire in the Senate. But I digress…damn Hennessy got hold of me tonight

  6. 🤔. You gotta figure that at some point the war mongering profiteers are planning to stop this push for conflict thinking that they have made all the money they can possibly make before real WW3 happens. 🙃. They are crazy, the question is how crazy? Can they actually judge that fine line accurately. ?

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