The Nightmare on Elm Street Series – re:View (Part 1)

Let’s talk about classic horror film and it’s dated, silly sequels, b*tch!
In part 1 of our Freddy retrospective, Mike and Jay discuss the confusing mythology of the franchise as well as go through Nightmare on Elm Street parts 1 through 4.

A Nightmare on Elm Street Commentary Track:

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  1. I wish they didn't dismissed the final movie. I think it gets a bad wrap because it doesn't have Robert England. It was solid. My only gripe is that they had the opportunity to make it that Freddy was innocent and killed by overzealous parents, which would have been interesting. An innocent turned monster for revenge.

  2. The 4th movie should have started with a scene of the city coming in to clean up what they have deemed to be an unsafe and hazardous junkyard. They find Freddy’s bones and the city tries to figure out whose bones they are. Freddy will no longer be buried in consecrated ground or whatever, which would be reason enough for Freddy to return.

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