The “No Fly List” Just Got Leaked…

Hello guys and gals, it’s me Mutahar again! This time we take a look at what a hacker has done by accessing some unsecured servers and finding the list of the largest US surveillance program to exist. The TSA “No Fly” List. Thanks for watching!
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  1. Can people like this so he can see this, I’ve tried sending DM’s but I think this needs light shed on it, this is what I’ve been trying to send him:

    I sent this to you on Twitter but I’m gonna send this just to try to reach out to you as best as possible as I think this situation is just that concerning.

    I’m not sure how to reach you, but this is a deeply concerning topic here on Twitter that I think attention should be brought to. About a month ago my friend and I were on a discord call and he said that the night prior he had looked up something here on Twitter and went to recent, and one of the key words used was “leaks”. When he pressed recent, a ton of SECONDS old tweets showed up of these accounts or bots posting links to child porn. He said he reported it to agencies but wasn’t sure if anything was done. Sure enough when I typed in “leaks” and searched recent, there were THOUSANDS at least of seconds or minutes old tweets, some even hours old of these links, some had pictures posted in the tweet itself. We were both so disgusted, and I contacted my state governors office and was directed to an anti child trafficking/child porn/child abuse etc team and I gave them all the information I’d seen and how to find it. I’m still not sure of the results because to this day you can still see thousands of tweets if you search “leaks”, it’s absolutely Horrendous, and it’s not even a bypass of the filter at this point, they make it entirely obvious on what they’re posting. I’ve been a fan of yours for a few years now, and I thought maybe you’d be a good person to reach out to about stuff like this as you’ve talked about similar incidents on the internet before, plus you can get a lot of attention on this subject. I don’t want to mess up whatever investigation the government has on this, but I don’t even know if there is one since I haven’t gotten any updates which they said they’d let me know. I hope you see this Muta.

  2. That guy is wild. I hope the prisoners treat him well. 😬

    He should just go underground or go to Russia. I know I would! But like all twitter users he has revealed too much an absolute idiot! Bet he can be hoodwinked while "verifying" the so called journalists who request the info.

    Who needs airlines when you can get a private jet? 😏 Criminals be like: Meh.

  3. Mutahar, how did you not even cover the best part of this whole thing? The entire post is hilarious from the name of the person, to the Sprigatto plushie saying "holy fucking bingle" in response to getting access to the file, and everything else

  4. Another Club Penguin website just got shut down and the name of it literally made me SHRIEK with cringe. Especially considering what the last unofficial Club Penguin website you found was and the fuckery that was going on it is just so fitting but also so utterly terrible.

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