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The RBA Says They Helped Create The Inflation Problem…

More from the Senate as they probed the RBA Governor, this time the discussion related to the cause of inflation. Governor Lowe conceded they had stoked inflation by monetary stimulus and low rates (and over did it). But then tried to defend the decision.

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  1. They are dragging their feet on increasing the rates to stamp out inflation yet other countries foresee this and are increasing rates. Lowe is still behind the ball and is more about his image rather than doing any decent forecasting. He "thinks" he can be trusted, inspires confidence this bloke.

  2. Im really annoyed with the lack of memory from a lot of people of what happened in the first part of 2020. There was intense pressure from the media and the general population to print money. There are several articles with discussions of "saving lifes vs the economy", and "saving lifes" won. If you dared mention that economy should be taken care of, you would be called selfish, that you only cared about money, you would be asociated with alt right elements, etc. They would get really violent and it was impossible to speak freely. Then who is responsible? The many people that strongly supported eternal lockdowns, there is plenty of evidence on social media of their nasty comments against anyone disagreeing.

  3. I remember reading in the book by John Howard “Lazarus rising “ how the liberal coalition was against floating the dollar and selling off the banks and went against Treasury advice to do so and were promptly voted out of office with the new Hawke and Keating administration promptly bringing it in
    Makes you wonder who is running the country it certainly isn’t going to be canavan and Rinnekcs even though they seem to express a lot of the common sense we seem to all agree is good information.
    “Caveats “ I hate that word I remember many people in the banking industry use this as a “get of jail “ free card

  4. Dr low is not stupid. It would be difficult stairing Dow economic impacts never seen before and making big decisions that impact everyone.
    Martin North Said the market would collapse but it boomed. Both Martin and Phillip were correct in their modelling however they can't predict future variables. Massive stimulus, a quick recovery, vaccines etc.
    They got it wrong. No one can predict the future.

  5. It was a political decision to leave interest rates so low when it was obvious all the stimulus money would raise inflation. They didnt want the then Liberal government to look bad with mortgage holders. How many of the RBA team vote labor , zero. they didnt want murdochs cronies to look bad with an election coming up.

The RBA Says Sorry Sort Of

The RBA Says Sorry… Sort Of!

Havent I seen this somewhere before Dan Andrews

Haven’t I seen this somewhere before? Dan Andrews